Freelance Editor for Hire

Do you need a second pair of eyes to catch all those pesky spelling errors and typos?

Do you need a different perspective to make sure something you wrote makes sense to your intended audience?

Is English a second language for you and would you like some help in giving your characters a more natural voice?

Are you a fat fetish writer who has run out of ways to say ‘Person Eat and Grow Big’?

Or are you someone who just can’t be bothered to worry about proper capitalization and punctuation and would rather just pay someone else to do that work for you?

Then it sounds like you need an editor.

Hi, I’m Chum Beef. I’ve written many stories over the years (some of them I’m even willing to show online or in public) and am currently serving as Chief Editor for the upcoming game Love is the Way to My Heart. I also like to break apart games and code in my free time to see how they work and how they can be changed.

I can help make your game, visual novel or reddit smut fiction look like a professional work of art so that your audience can better appreciate your creative vision.

I can even help you test and correct coding and logic errors for game engines such as Twine, Ren’py, Godot and RPG Maker.

My going rate is 0.5 cents per word for written stories (That’s 1 cent per two words.) and 5 cents per line of code for games (in US$ via Paypal) with a minimum of $20 per project. I am also willing to accept a fair share of ongoing revenue from your project to be negotiated as payment.

Contact me either via Direct Messaging here on or at