From Lurker to Talker

Hello everyone!

I joined the site mainly for access to the Discord server but I figured it’d be… less than ideal if I didn’t post on the forums too. I’m a hobby game developer (though I tend to make lots of small, incomplete projects vulnerable to scope creep) with an IRL position as a software developer. Looking forward to making friends, if not fun games~

also yes I’m a fatfur

Welcome to Weight Gaming! :smiley:

Glad to be here! I have to say, I love the forum software. It’s a nice design with lots of cool features you would expect Facebook to have.

Hello it great to have you here.

Welcome to the forums.

Welcome! Happy to have you getting involved on the forums as well!

Welcome to the forums! I might be keeping an eye out to see if you do make anything, as i’m interested in any projects you make as well!

Hello. You probably won’t see me much around here but this cool.

Thank you all very much!