[Full & Closed] Undercover in the Underdark

See the title! This adventure is underway and not seeking additional players. Happy hunting.


I’ve never truly played D&D before… And a fetish one~ Have you already gotten other people to join in? Or is this just the starting ground.

I’m recruiting for a fresh adventure. Alas, jumping in at 8th level might be a bit to manage, given how many options and mechanics are in play by then. Despite the marketing it is a complex system.

Y’know what- I’ll try it! Shall we take this to Discord then?

Message me with your discord handle and we’ll discuss it further.

You gotcha! jasperrobinsonslave

Last call for any aspiring players in this adventure!

Hey, I’d love to join if it’s still open! My discord is maidenheck

Would it be possible to spectate or get on a list for those interested in future games? I haven’t used Roll20 myself before but I’ve used a bit of Foundry VTT and have played through a few campaigns now. No problem if it’s all closed up, just figured I’d give it a shot! My discord is wonkydodongo

Really wish the link was still there

There was never a link posted in this thread. You might have talen a wrong turn somewhere.

As in this game

Through an interview process conducted in messages through weightgaming. Not that it makes any difference, since the game has been closed for months and will not open up again.