Fun foods to add to Insatiable Hearts?

Just wanted to see if folk had any ideas for interesting or weird foods I could add to my WG/TF game Insatiable Hearts

I like idea of food items being the vehicle for transformations and other effects, I have lots planned but always happy to hear more ideas, the stranger the better as the game world is kind of a strange dreamland

And for examples of a couple foods I already have

There’s a dumpling that feeds itself to the player, a burger that seems to grow as it’s eaten, a truffle that triggers pig transformations, jam that triggers slime TFs, mystery-meat that causes bodyhorror blob monster TFs etc. lol


Squid ink pasta that always seems to have more noodles than you anticipated, and gives various random tentacle based transformations maybe?


A few random thoughts, which may or may not be connected to mutations:

  • Food that tries to eat back? (careful with your tongue!)
  • Food that unexpectedly changes as eaten, e.g. temperature, texture, taste
  • More eerie version of the old King Cake thing? (food with something not-food hidden inside, possible ritualistic significance or just getting a prize/‘prize’)
  • Probably too difficult to implement, but a food that grows as it’s not eaten? Not entirely predictably, and with consequences for waiting too long to eat it (too large to carry any more, becomes alive and does something, something else)

I would like to build on this idea.

What about food that cannot be eaten/interacted with unless you have certain mutations?
Example: Transformative Nectar in a flower that either cannot be reached or only a limited amount can be reached if you possess a typical humanoid face or tongue, but if you have say, a butterfly or similar insect tongue then you can reach the nectar properly and drink a considerable amount of nectar and have stronger transformative effects. Just one idea out of a few.

Perhaps food/items that have differing effects based on what you are transformed into as well, continuing the example above purely for the thought experiment. If you drink the nectar as a non insectile mutant, its just sweet sugar water, neither pleasant or off tasting, but if you have enough insect like mutations then you find yourself compelled to drink more nectar as it suddenly tastes delicious, potentially addictive in nature.


I want to eat that stuff they’re serving in the streetside food stalls. It all sounds delicious.

Some more filling stuff/larger portion options would be great. Like the ability to buy a whole cheesecake instead of just a slice. Maybe some larger portion options for the canteen, as well, since “fill your belly” becomes harder to reach at larger capacity.

But in the general vein of food variety… the stuff that immediately comes to mind is pizza, seafood (love fish, love crustaceans), more fruit, and cake. (Would love to see cake TF, but just having it would be good.)

Working off Cordite’s suggestion, it’d be great to have a cake that has something inside. I think a random prize would be fun, like it could give you spall, some small item, or a tiny fairy who’s indignant about being baked into a cake and curses you with a status effect before flying off.

In terms of eerie stuff, live food would be great, or at least something that acts alive when you eat it, by wriggling around or even talking to you about how excited it is to be eaten.


@Noop hehe, squid ink pasta is a good idea ~

@Cordite these are fun, especially that last one. With my current system a little tweaking could probably do that. I’m already working on an item thats kind of an “alive, wants to be eaten” dumpling/monsterflesh thing, maybe I can make it occasionally multiply, if you end up holding too many, they might join together and make you eat them. Given the way my flag systems work and effect triggered events it could be done ~

@Noop Yes! great minds think alike because I’m actually working on sort of conditional foods that get ehnanced by mutations or game events. The next update is going to have a gluttony curse that will make you character eat things they normally can’t or wouldn’t. One of the items will basically be a bucket of slop that under normal conditions the player will refuse to eat, but if they have the pig snout or have the gluttony curse it becomes consumable. I certainly want TFs and status effects to tie into other elements throughout the game so they feel more involved. So, ye, this is a good step ~

@DreadRoach indeed, good suggestions ~
Someday I’ll make more of the described food available as items. Or some at the pub be take-out etc. Also for the eerie stuff, as mentioned above I’ll be having the living dumpling thing. It’s be a food item acquired from a new character, a kind of food atomaton made by demons, they constantly regenerate and eagerly want to be eaten. If they can’t be eaten whole, they’ll give away pieces as these little living dumplings.


there’s cursed pastries that may induce pastry transformations and mutations akin to berry
a watermelon or pumpkin food item that may inflict a similar status as berry but with an added rind mutation that hardens your skin and decreasing flexibility
an item that fills you with air or gas like an Airy cake or bread, mayhaps even a floating mutation or helium voice
heart candies that stimulate arousal and lust
a hollow candy that will increase your hunger
chocolate coins to increase greed
a food item that literally multiplies inside you (like a blueberry that fills you full of blueberries, a very different interpretation of blueberry inflation I found on deviantartist villaru, think of the difference like being a water bed and bean bag one is fluid the other is a bunch of objects)
a growing cake that makes you a giant and a drink that makes you tiny in homage to lewis carols wonderland
mayhaps a shake that makes you grow muscular
and of course various items that alter weight distribution like a pear that makes you pear shaped etc
mayhaps a cookie or treat that makes you more like an animal


i am but a simple being (and very tired atm) and i’d like to suggest a fox tf item! maybe a sweet berry, or a crystal with a fire trapped inside, that when broken, goes into the player and adds some foxy features, eventually culminating into an anthro fox

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Maybe a slime food item? You could possibly discard unwanted items to make it larger and when it gets to a certain size compared to your character it will attack

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Tanuki sake that increases the probability of new or special events, like meeting new npcs or new locations. Or Magical mint leaf that turns existing mutagens in the body into weight, but if you have no mutagens it gives you tanuki tf ones. Maybe some transformations that play into sloth or lust stat.


@Owlkaline The living dumpling definitely sounds great! I’m also thinking of stuff like tentacles that wriggle around as you’re eating them, maybe food that moves as it’s being cooked due to physics reasons - some of the weird stuff you can get in real life.

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squiggly noodles that just want you to squiggle, wiggle and slowly convert to the noodly life (maybe some snake or other crawly/slithering tf, maybe something based off of the legless lizard) or more slime, just need more goop in my life.

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To add to this, a lil fox-like or timid character that’s really shy but if you’re patient and choose to weight (hehe pun intended) they come over and offer food in exchange of listening to them, having a talk or just promising not to spook them, some wholesome content.

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raises up lil blobby fists I’m also up for that, neeed alll the gooooop.


evil butter … i think