Fun House game idea I had!!!

So I had an idea for a game! I felt like this was the most fitting place for this game idea! So basically I had this game idea that’s supposed to be like a Open world furry, Clown and monster game with liminal space aesthetic game that takes place in a massive Fun House and you explore the different places and rooms in each Fun House seeing definite characters of like a long tailed and big eared clown, a Cow mom and a Long black and white octopus like creature with bat wings and holes on its head that make purple hue black clouds. You solve a series of deferent puzzles to open each door to the next room or area each area! Each area when completed gives you a different friend with a different ability to help you along the way. Such as one that can get really Chonky one to push or lift heavy objects and another that can inflate themselves to reach higher places. Your ultimate goal is to find a glowing blue fairy whom you can request to go to paradise! What do y’all think I would love to know!