Furniture in games XD

Ok, so, I know what the title says, but hear me out, have you ever looked at a chair in a game, like, animal crossing, and thought: “God dammit, I want to plop my ass in that!” If so, then that’s great! So I wanna hear what your favorite furniture is! As for me, it’s the lunar base bunk in Starbound, here is an imageLunar_Base_Bunk
Just something about surrounded by walls when you are sleeping, all nice and cozy, it just looks so damn nice! Anywho, so again, I want to hear your favorite furniture from games, and, if you want to, tell me why they’re your favorite. Other than that, I hope you have a swell day! ;D

the bench from hollow knight. no contest.


Can’t say I have ever thought this hahahaha but I do look at the practicality of things in games such as furniture and elements that add to the aesthetic and/or atmosphere. Like in the Halo franchise or the Dead Space games. Your bunk bed shown reminds me on the Dead Space series. They have a similar feature and it makes sense: it saves on space and it allows one to have privacy (assuming a curtain of sorts draws down or a plexiglass one-way glass thing drops down).

Honestly, I thought this was going to be about how furniture could be incorporated more into fetish games ahahahah! Some of us like the idea of a big girl sitting down on a chair and hearing it creak, possibly breaking!

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froggy chair.

also I agree entirely on the moon base bed those things just look so cozy (thought I don’t know how someone with even a bit of pudge could squeeze in there, hehe)

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