Furry Caveduck Chatbots

Decided to make a couple of my own chatbots a moment back when I noticed a distinct lack of fat furs on Caveduck. I’m almost certain there are better ways to work descriptions to have the bot better act and more reliably display images, so if anyone has tips I’m all ears.

If anybody has any idea how to utilize the custom prompts as well I’d like to know. Not understanding its purpose is taunting me.

Either way, here are the bots of my characters!


Snow is an arctic fox living in the peaceful village of Water’s Edge, a cold and frigid location distant from most other territories. A mysterious but unquestioned influx of food has allowed some indulgences they once might never have dreamed of.

Snow is a character that originated when spitballing a character for playing Yaffaif a while back and the name and character eventually just stuck with me anytime I played female mc or furry games. I’ve developed her into a character with a great lust for indulgence and its results, as well as one who’d desire to woo another with her growing assets.

Her name is Snowfrost for Caveduck because I didn’t want to confuse the bot

Sulfra is a maid living in an isolated manor just south of Iron’s Peak. The land is often rough and infertile, meaning even with trade, many of the locals have learned to be frugal with food. All has changed however when a new supplier led to a vast surplus of foodstuffs. Over time, local residents and those who frequent their markets began to widen.

Sulfra was a character I originally came up with for Curse of the Lipomancer but held with me, likely because there wound up being a little more to her history. The idea revolved around a hardy species of dragons that lived out in the canyons. The harsh environment often led them to training and being quite adept at combat and survival, so other kingdoms began to hire their people as mercenaries. With this opportunity some clans decided to train portions of their young to become servants, Sulfra being one of those. Their magnificent blue scales also drew the eyes of others. This is definitely a more sensitive idea and means the character in this story isn’t the best person, but here it is nonetheless.

She is overall very submissive and loves helping out wherever she can. She does also have a bit of a sweet tooth and loves hearing about adventures and tales of daring.