'Furry Hell' - A Pre-Apocalyptic Fetish RPG

So you’ve switched the roles
Does that mean whoever will embody the wendigo be natural or more fitting
A mutation of prey into predator
An interesting twist of suggestion
This hound likes it, for it is in the twisting of other ideas do we create our own, from the pile of past glories are new inspirations formed
You’ve taken the idea of Fenrir and made it your own
Afterall monomyth, there is no original story only derivatives that carry it on

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Alright. Before I get to the next of the four main party members, I think I’d like to take a moment to talk about the main Conspiracies of the setting. To set up some context for what’s going on in the background, and to set up for talking about a conspiracy that’s actually relevant to the Fatty Party member.

The Eternal Record

In our world in the modern age, the Illuminati is synonymous with conspiracy. With shadowy manipulations, secret control, and hoarding true power beyond the grasp of the common man.

Historically, though, they are the exact opposite in nature: A group of free thinkers who took a look at the world and decided to preserve knowledge. To uncover it, collect it, and ultimately to share it with as many people as who would listen, to make sure enlightenment found its way to all doorsteps.

The Eternal Record of this Furry Hell is the methods of the former interpretation for the goals of the latter.

In their historical records, The Eternal Record was founded when the world underwent a great shift. The fetishes and incredible feats of gluttony and gaining were not possible before a certain point. And then something shifted and changed, and the rampant gluttony that ensued threatened to destroy what few advancements civilization had made for itself.

So amidst the chaos, a group began secreting away great minds. They copied down every note and made duplicates of every prototype. Every scrap of knowledge they could get their hands on they managed to ferret away from the center of the disasters and hoarded in secret locations. It was far more than one group, but as they began to spread their efforts and as they had to flee from the destruction of the major capitals and towns of the era, they ran into each other and coordinated more and more.

However, they quickly realized that this wasn’t going to stop. It was going to keep going endlessly if no one bothered to do anything. The surviving major religion at the time, to the Mother Goddess, naturally had coordinated efforts, and there was a Cult swiftly forming to turn the most monstrous of the new abilities - the Predator’s ability to eat people whole - against those who used their gifts for malice. But even with those and a third group - a guild called Arcanum - they were all hard pressed to do anything.


The Eternal Record took a risk. The groups all had radically different goals. They had radically different methodologies. They all had radically different skillsets and levels of ability.

But they had one goal - to push back and reverse this new paradigm. To keep society going at all costs. And that’s how they were able to join together in an alliance when The Eternal Record proposed it.

Between their coordination, they each took the reigns of a task and coordinate with each other to accomplish it. And the Eternal Record’s is the endless pursuit of knowledge and the continued existence of technology.

Without them, vehicles would have been crushed underfoot with the destruction of the Model F’s first factory. They are the ones who kept the telephone alive when Graham Tone went the way of the Graham Cracker. With the aid of Arcanum and the endless efforts of many a university that they fund, Eternal Record managed to stall out the Resource Crisis until a madman managed to create the basis of all food and matter replication, the perfect tool to end it - and reverse engineered its secrets when the madman ate food it created to the point of exploding.

Everyone knows the source of each and every development. History is as complete and storied as possible. But few know and understand the implications about the fact that it all still exists and has not been lost to the continued, senseless destruction that still grips the world. And those that do and investigate - showing the same hunger for knowledge and truth - may find themselves with an invitation to add their own experiences to The Eternal Record.

However. They keep themselves hidden for a reason. There are those who’d keep the world ignorant, or who’d like to know where, exactly, all of these information databases are kept when a city goes down. There are those who wish to take the knowledge hoarded and use it for their own ends in the form of weapons, business opportunities and strangleholds, and even for mad delusions of apocalyptic godhood.

So they use their knowledge to ensure that their membership is hidden from the public eye as anyone important - or else obfuscate their real importance. They alter the makeup of their group to keep appetites in check and to give them overwhelming strength to defend themselves. And if someone is poking their head in their operations that isn’t a potential candidate?

They’ll silence them. The continued collective knowledge of the world depends on The Eternal Record performing its task away from the prying eyes of the public.

This basically came about when my brain went ‘wait, but how does this society even function if cities are basically set on a timer to self-destruct in a sea of hedonism and gluttony? Why hasn’t technology and infrastructure collapsed yet from the destruction and loss of inventors/scientists?’ This is one of those answers. The other conspiracies answer the other questions and implications that lie under the surface of the dysfunctional world. Hopefully.

…also, does this ramble about conspiracies and the world history of my idea’s setting mean I’m allowed to add that ‘worldbuilding’ tag that I remember seeing when I added tags?


The rabbit hole goes deeper we see
It would be funny if one was named after Cerberus and was a hero organization of sorts, and if it were for fat anthros it would be an interesting nod to the toll Cerberus is given to distract it
There has to be someone protecting people our protagonist is neither the first nor probably the last
This hound though is just making a shot in the dark though

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Funnily enough, I never thought about hero organizations of sorts. The closest groups that come to that are the Cult of the Sin Eaters and Guild Arcanum, and even then the former is more ‘Anti-Heroic’ while the other is far more incidental and handling the aspects of society that not even the Eternal Record believes should be common knowledge.

But it’d make sense. The MC definitely wouldn’t or shouldn’t be the first to take a stand, even if her group is the first in a long time/the first for the city. Muscle Anthros are pretty much walking Brick powersets incarnate, some preds might have gotten it into their heads that crime is an acceptable target for their hunger, then there’s the nonsense that high science gets up to, and finally there’d be some rogue elements from Guild Arcanum that’d be heroically inclined.

However, it might be the influence of such elements that might sort of ‘balance out’ just how self destructive the world I’ve built up is. Give it a stronger veneer of society and make the semblance to ‘our world, but with anthros and fetish elements’ that much stronger despite it being a lie. Role models, ways of thought, and individuals to handle and hold back the clocks in various cities, especially the more culturally or governmentally important ones. Gives it a bit of a different context and flavor.

I definitely want to think on that. It feels like something that works for making the setting feel more believable/alive, but I’m trying to think of how it’d interact with the intended plot/plot beats. And then there’d be the debate between making the world more alive vs the needs of the story. There are several ways to spin things, but these are considerations.

If it works, Cerberus: The Hero from Hades, would be a cool hero name, though I hesitate to make it a hero organization or a conspiracy name. Could be the leader of a hero group though.

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Makes me wish I was part of this undertaking if only as a sounding board for ideas
Sadly the only talents this hound has is having a quick silver tongue, working out implications and the ensuing butterflies of actions and tweaks of events, and helping to set the barebones of a setting
And making the occasional poem if prompted
Suffice to say my story making skills are like skeletons, I got the bones but no muscle to move it ie good theories suck at plot making

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A sounding board and someone who can see implications are talents not to be understated though! Nothing is more aggravating than hitting a roadblock or going so far with an idea only to have massive holes or glaring issues that had been glossed over or missed in the excitement of weaving them.

And I wouldn’t call this an undertaking, sadly. The ‘Ideas’ tag is on this for a reason. I have no code written, no art drawn up, no music tracks penned, and no ideas for an engine to put it together with. All I’m doing is dumping lore and characters into a thread to see who cares and with the vague hope that something comes of it if enough of it is typed out - whether it’s from me catching a break and being able to pursue it or from somebody else whose passion and inspiration is sparked from all of this.

But thank you. I guess this ideas thread is successful by my own metrics - you definitely care, as does everyone who likes these posts and the other commenters. And those are things I definitely appreciate.


random thought. but wants the county side like? and where do they get the matierals for new citys? maybe they have a device that can turn the mass from city busters in to more citys? and its more then what was destroyed thus in parts why they keep going. they can just build a new city after killing the one who broke the city


Pretty much, though there’s a couple of steps to it.

There’s a reason why matter replicators are explicitly stated to exist - they’re the ones that produce the new materials wholesale. The Sci-Fi technology basically skirts around or laughs in the face of conservation of matter using a number of different methods combined, including quantum foam production, and then structures it into usable materials.

That said there still needs to be an initial energy input. Thankfully, while it’s gradual and not exponential, you can pretty much just ‘use fuel to create more fuel’ with these things once the necessary materials for societal funcions have been met. So even if a city doesn’t go crunch there’s no fear of them not having enough energy to work.

However, yes - the amount of atomic reminiscent BOOM that killing city busters gives is more than the net worth of the matter that the city likely contained a couple times over - including the inhabitants. Properly containing it means that even factoring in heat waste the net gain is more than enough to print out a new city, even if they haven’t made replicators of large enough scale to do so wholesale. Yet, anyway - it’s the pet project of a governor who bought his way into office with more money to spare. It’s projected to be completed in 3 decades from the game’s outset, assuming no sabotages or setbacks occur.

Before the onset of the technologies, though… there were other methods to harnessing that power for resources. Which will be covered in the next in universe Conspiracy ramble. The one that’s necessary to fully explain party member #3’s roles and arc.

EDIT: Oh shoot, I forgot about the Countryside of things. That is also deserving of its own lengthy ramblepost. And also an element I hadn’t thought much about but deserves a bunch for the sake of worldbuilding.


Part of me says the country side is like the wild west. rich farms mixed with avarage wealth prey with wild preds roaming around. part of why prey move to citys. yes the odds of getting eaten are their but they are actully lower then in the country. the only reason of the city busters is how close the food is so to speak.

also maybe Breeders are more common on prey and get passed by preds. like a “Don’t eat producers of future food” thought form the more cruel preds. others just don’t like eating kid and other young. though maybe some pred hunt for breeders to “Farm” prey aka breed the breeds to their max and have them keep having young so said young could grow and later be eaten.
and maybe some preds like capturing their prey (prey and preds sometimes) to fatten them up. with pred feeders its often to eat them. but a prey feeder may like fat preds and could have a way to avoid being eaten them selfs.

Edit to expain what I ment with the city busters. the country would be wide open and less dense towns. meaning and roaming preds have to travel and thus burn off the fat they get. but with cities is population dense so that doesn’t happen and the fat builds up


Can’t wait for this to come out it sound awesome!!