'Furry Hell' - A Pre-Apocalyptic Fetish RPG

I’m going to write this idea like a sales pitch, even though I’m a long ways away from even attempting this idea. But it appeals to me so much…

Anthros cover a wide range of species, from the humble rabbit to the cool wolf to the prestigious dragon. Often, they only retain superficial features of the animal species, such as fur, scales, ears, tails, muzzles, and occasionally digits such as paws.

One thing that many a fetish art can have them contain, though, is the most primal rule of the animal world:

Predator and Prey.

Those who eat food and ARE food, and those who eat food and eat anyone they deem appetizing enough to hunt. And with the extreme technology pushing society into a near post-scarcity utopia, there’s plenty of prey ranging from lean to muscular to plump and beyond. And with how utterly desensitized and used to the ‘disappearances’ and piles of damp clothing in alleyways, many prey are resigned to their fates.

I suppose it’s fitting, then, that this story starts off with a predator who has decided to change her diet from the hunted to the hunters out of a grim resolution to not see her appetizing friends disappear down any more gullets. And along her journey, a few of her friends join the hunt to knock heads and make the monsters in alleyways disappear. They take on roles such as:

  • A muscular prey who shares the same sentiment but naturally finds the idea of a ‘predator predator’ to be hypocritical at best.
  • A fatty who may have aptitude for the arts that The Man doesn’t want you to know about.
  • A skinny prey whose inventions and serums can do a number on the enemy’s everything.
  • A mega-pregnant shopkeeper whose avarice and business sense is fueled by the need to care for her vast quantities of unborn children.
  • Possibly a rival pred from when our heroine wasn’t so different!?

But of course, there’s going to be objectors. A lot of them, such as:

  • The morons who decided to take a bite out of you!
  • Muscular furs who decide to put their muscles to the task of wiping out preds and pred supporters… like you.
  • Mysterious cults with hidden knowledge of the world.
  • Mad Science Containment Breachers!
  • Gang members!
  • People-eating gang members!
  • Gang members that may not be officially recognized as gang members due to having higher amounts of organization!
  • Other stuff that hasn’t been thought of yet!
  • Stuff that has been thought of, but is being kept secret due to endgame story ideas!
  • Bonus Bosses? (Our MC hopes not!)
  • People who skip out on paying for pizza deliveries!
  • …mostly by eating the pizza delivery people. How rude!
  • And Voretubers!

And among all of this action will be the plot. A steadily ticking clock that you grow more and more aware of as you learn of the world. One that is so well known that few need to speak of it.

The knowledge that one day, this world will drown. In a sea of flab, a sea of muscle… or by the stomach acids of the predator who will consume it bite by bite.

You are playing in the last days of a city nearing the end of its life cycle. And odds aren’t good on stopping that ending.

But that doesn’t mean you sure as hell won’t try. Mostly by taking out the common pred, stopping malicious business practices, stomping out conspiracy groups gone astray, solving puzzles, performing fetch quests, playing minigames, and even combating the most organized evils the world has to offer. With each punch, kick, bite, swallow, suplex, energy blast, mechanical feature, and locally owned and operated mom and pop store item, you’ll push back that doomsday clock - and maybe find a way to a future where it no longer ticks.

Furry Hell - a Pre-Apocalyptic Fetish RPG

This project is not yet in development. Contents are subject to change and may be used for inspiration by those with time, energy, money, skill, and/or work ethic. Further information will be given if anyone has any questions. Content is not meant to offend certain fetishes. Not even the vore lovers - they just happen to make for some good enemies/existential threats.


I am reminded of sfrpg
Mayhaps you could take a few cues from there in your endeavors
This hound will be watching closely


Voretubers. Tags:

Sorry, the idea just seemed funny to me. Interested to see what comes of it, even if I am not into vore myself.


Iiiit occurs to me that I may need to go into more detail. Just maybe though. So here’s some worldbuilding focusing on the main fetishes of the game.

The Fetishes/Anthro types:

First of all, we have the main fetishes. Muscle gain, weight gain, vore, preg, and macro for special events/cutscenes/bosses. These actually work together in a sort of ecosystem, as I may have lightly touched on in the ‘sales pitch’.

To start off, the preg is pretty much the reason why the predators are allowed high enough numbers to have some of them be common enemy types. When you can get immobilized/building sized by your second trimester, and assuming you can either keep those kids alive or ensure they’re adopted into homes, then it’s pretty much guaranteed that the population numbers would explode each time one of the mega-pregs give birth. And they’re common enough that all anthros can trace their ancestry to one Pregger or another - often within 2-4 generations at the furthest.

Then there’s the anthros/furs who are prone to weight gain. This also leads into some interesting facts about this particular take on them, such as the idea that they get more durable the larger an anthro gets. It’s far more cost efficient to have a soldier, cop, or gang member bulk up than it is to develop armors capable of doing the job for them (And still fit by the end of the week.) It’s why, even when they start getting ‘too large’ and bursting out of buildings they don’t get injured.

Eventually, durability gets to be so ridiculous, that the only thing that could harm a large enough anthro would be Vore. And these preds are not all made equal. A bit of their weird pseudo-genetics makes it so that stomach capacity and the ability to open your mouth large enough to eat something larger than a fast food burger are two entirely different traits.

Fatties are almost exclusively the former, while preds just need enough stomach capacity to keep themselves from bursting if they eat someone to qualify. Some preds only can eat one anthro a go, and take quite a while to digest them too. Others can regularly go out on eating sprees, clearing out frat parties and waiting for their weight to go down to manageable levels before moving onto the next.

Assuming that preds even need to. Muscle Gain is also a fetish, and that is also a third trait that is highly variable in the populace. It’s also the most common limiter of both fatties and preds - eventually, the muscles they have/can put on simply cannot keep up with their bodies and they get immobilized, meaning that they are forcibly stopped from eating unless they have outside help or pre-set up machinery to keep feeding them. And then, of course, there’s some of these muscle fanatics objecting to the idea of being someone else’s protein supplement and using their gains to fight off preds who aren’t in the same muscle class as them.

How much muscle an anthro can put on also sort of acts as an upper limiter to their own genetics, since usually an anthro’s capacity for fat, people, or pregnancy is limited by how readily they can move around or endure the experience. All in all, it’s all unusually well designed and balanced, but that’s a detail that I’ll get into later.

For now, there’s Macro sized anthros. This is usually not a thing that happens on its own, but rather is a byproduct of an anthro’s size increasing habits. That’s not to say that macros don’t exist simply because they don’t stop growing or grew that large without growing in other ways, but they generally are still the talk of whatever town or city they show up in, and there’s only a handful of cities built with Macros in mind from the outset.

However, if stomach capacity and muscle capacity are large enough, then things get interesting. Even the most greedy and gluttonous of anthros generally don’t go on unstoppable eating sprees on a whim. And even when they do, they don’t generally destroy cities. That is, assuming they’re capable in the first place. There needs to be a trigger for it, and it seems to invisibly come towards the end of what is known as a ‘city’s life cycle’ in this world.

And those DO end by those capable of, generally, destroying the city during their uninhibited gaining sprees.

But as I said, not all anthros are capable of growing so out of control that cities buckle under their guts. There’s a ‘tier system’ that represents an anthro’s upper limits. Some high science facilities can tell this from genetics alone, but most of the time it’s judged from particularly impressive feats of gluttony, workouts, or pregnancies. Some of the tiers are the following:

Fatty Tiers:

  • Chubster (Smallest qualifying tier. Between a ‘normal’ weight and 300 pounds.)
  • Fatty (Normal range. Usually 300-600 pounds)
  • Mega-fatties (Not uncommon. 600+ pounds. Can still hypothetically move through a house or building.)
  • House fatties (Get more common towards the latter half of a city’s life cycle, so long as it’s not a ‘Gourmet Capital’, where they’ll turn up sooner. Have likely burst out of their house or simply ate themselves to be as large as one.)
  • Giga Fatties (Skyscraper size. Sometimes mistaken for city busters, but are not quite the same. Still can end a city if they’re capable of mobility at this point, though if they’re the cause then it’s likely the populace will have high survival rates.)
  • City Buster (Largest known tier. They grow so large and rapidly during the end of a City that they crush and destroy all of its buildings from their expansion. Survival rates are low. Very rare, thankfully, due to them looking like appetizing targets for greedy predators.)
  • Omega Fatty (Hypothetical. Can grow fat enough to cover the world in their fat or else become planetary in size. Apocalypse event.)

Preg + Muscle Tiers:
Pregs often share similar tier names to fatties, as do muscle gainers. This is mostly because Tier names are a cultural phenomenon and not a scientific or governing creation. Preds have different tier names due to Pred Culture being radically different in mindset and intent than the more passive ‘prey cultures’.

The main difference is the first two tiers, which are the basis for the rest of the tier names.

For pregs, the first two tiers are ‘Pleter’ and ‘Pregger’, referring to how consistently having sextuplets or more is the minimum qualifier, while having about 10 or more kids in one go is usually the point where you’re considered a full on ‘Pregger’. Muscle tiers are ‘Ripped’ and ‘Bulker’, where simply having thick, visibly defined muscles is the first tier and the second tier requires body sizes reminiscent of Ronnie Coleman, give or take.

Predators are less likely to target these two tiers for entirely different reasons. Pregs are usually spared by predators due to ‘Pred Culture’, wherein one of the few links that preds have to empathy kicks in when it comes to harming especially young or unborn children. Sometimes for genuine empathy - preds can have prey friendships or relationships when put into social groups or situations and as such can empathize and care for people they personally know despite their general attitude of ‘walking food’ towards everyone else - sometimes for more… unsettling reasons.

Muscle furs are generally not targeted because they can fight back hard, and are left for other, stronger, larger preds to deal with. If a possible Muscle anthro starts getting too large though, then predator gangs might group up and call truces to ensure that one of their guys eats them and prevents everyone from meeting their end to a workout junkie.

Predator Tiers:

  • Weak Pred (Can comfortably eat only one victim, and usually on the small side at that. Usually fills them up for multiple days. Surprisingly uncommon. Often mistaken or treated as prey. Might be why they’re uncommon, actually.)
  • Basic Pred (Can eat several prey in one go, or a large one. Most common tier.)
  • Party Clearer (Can depopulate a frat party in a single rampage. You’re not considered popular in Pred circles unless you can do this. Higher tier preds do this as a recreational activity. Preds of this tier and lower generally don’t eat other preds unless they are forced to or do so in self defense - a major part of ‘pred culture’ is this unspoken rule.)
  • House Hunter (Large enough in size or capacity to be mistaken for a house. First sign that a City has hit the latter half of their life cycle is when one of these is discovered. Dedicated studies find that they can appear as early as at the end of the first quarter though, unless a nearby City has ended with a high number of survivors - in which case they can appear even earlier. Often will disguise the inside of their mouths as homes/entranceways to trick prey into entering their mouths as part of an ambush tactic. Can eat other preds, but usually by accident/indifference.)
  • Pre-Kaiju (Small Skyscraper size. The most common reason for a city to be destroyed outside of the next class. Will often eat the buildings and vehicles to get to the prey. First tier to actively be known for hunting other predators, but only once they start reaching their max size.)
  • Kaiju Class (Minimum height is Tall Skyscraper size and can reach sizes big enough to destroy the city through sheer builk. Often doesn’t come to that because they’ll eat the city first. Often disposed of by government officials by having a lesser predator eat them when they finally fall asleep. Due to the lesser predators having less capacity, if this is done before the Kaiju predator can shrink, then often the end result is that the lesser predator will explode like an atom bomb during the digestion process. Scientists still believe that this is an important clue, since all research suggests that this should be causing micro-black holes instead.)
  • Apocalypse (Hypothetical. No known upper limits, and will likely devour the world.)

And then there’s the Super Hypothetical tier of tiers and the ‘Normal’ tier.

A tier that stands alone, this is the hypothetical end result of if an anthro reaches omega/apocalypse class in three or all of these categories. Considered the pinnacle of Anthro capability, and would likely be considered to have god-like power. Governments research ways to root out potential apexes, as if they breed, then even if they don’t hit apocalypse levels they could introduce greater likelihood of Apexes being created simply by their seed being inserted into the gene pool. Private research groups sometimes advance genetic studies with this in mind, though the government and more secretive organizations with an interest in Anthro-kind’s survival stomp on this as much as possible.

A tier that is surprisingly uncommon not in appearance but in practice. Most furs can and do look like this, but often have the capabilities for, at minimum, the lesser tiers like chubster or weak pred even if they never put them into practice. But there are those who just are incapable, for one reason or another, of making any sort of gains. They are a source of envy for those who wish to ‘lie low’ or ‘blend in’ and a source of pity for those that view the larger sizes as ‘superior’.

Other fetishes do exist, but often they are a part of a path that many people consider to be… unnatural.

Or the result of science gone extremely wrong/horny. That happens too.

General Thoughts on this Idea as a Potential Project:

I might do more worldbuilding dumps eventually. But in case you couldn’t tell, this was inspired a bit by me looking at some of these ‘gets so fat/eats so many people/gains so much muscle’ stories/pic sequences and the prevalence of these tropes and noticing how they just sort of fit together into an interesting, if grim and fatalistic picture. In fact, a lot of the lore I have figured out is either the foundation for or geared towards or resultant from the stuff it would take to make this system of grow large, breed lots, get eaten… well, work and function as a society like ours on the surface of things.

The reason it’d be an RPG is mostly because that’d be the kind of gameplay I’d likely be able to pull off and would mesh well with such a world and character driven narrative. Hypothetically other gameplay styles, such as streets of rage styled beat-em-ups or Yakuza styled gameplay, could work, but then the effort, time, and resources begin to grow exponentially out of control and out of budget. RPGs feel like a low cost, reasonable effort means for making a game like this exist in a reasonable time span. Even if I’d be looking at making a custom RPG engine just so I don’t have to fight something like RPGMaker when creating special conditionals for moves or controlling how buffs/debuffs get applied.

Any influence from Super Fatty RPG is likely solely to be for inspiring me to realize that fetish games can have a sort of art to them (aside from the fetish art). The game’s grim atmosphere and pervasive themes of sin, predation, and how desire can make us into S U C K E R S added up to something macbre and sinister underneath the prevailing air of irreverence - or perhaps enhanced by it. I can’t exactly do irreverence though, hence why I probably won’t be taking too many cues from Super Fatty RPG since it’s on the whole/surface a very silly and irreverent game that happens to have artistic merit baked into it.

I would plan on inserting as much humor as I’m capable of though. Laughter is a part of life, and serious stuff can sometimes be made more potent or tolerable by the occasional laugh.


so what would the player’s limit be? and could the player also be a hyper preg?


Gameplay wise I imagine that I’d have it limited to around Party Clearer tier/Mega-Fatty size at normal max, with House Hunter/House Fatty tier being a special one for an area designed to accommodate for that size. Pre-Kaiju and up are Big Deals and as such any events that would require her to get to that size would likely be seen more through cutscenes and special fights.

As for the MC becoming hyper Preg… it depends on if romance routes are possible to pursue in the game, as well as if the Shopkeep Preg can be worked into a playable class/character. If either of these were to fall flat, then the answer would be no.

If both could work out, then there’d have to be some thinking to do, because her intended story doesn’t exactly follow that sort of path. I can think of a way to work it in, but any sort of means of dealing with it would risk being controversial, even if I handled it as delicately and respectfully as possible.

The other big complication being, of course, that I’m not as super into pregnancy as a fetish as I am for weight gain or muscle gain or even vore. It’s a worldbuilding element that works with how I envision the situation, and while it’s not anywhere close to a turn off, it’s not exactly going to be as grabbing to me to work with.

So… odds are no on the MC as being hyper preg. The Shopkeep, hopefully, will be enough to satisfy those needs as the story progresses. But then again, this isn’t even out of the ideas phase. It’s not an impossible possibility, I’ll say at least.


ok… is it wrong I want to bring up the idea of a sandbox mode where the game is harder buuut the limits are not their. like the player CAN be the end of the world sizes or Hyper preg since its not following a set story.


It’s not wrong at all! It’d be a nice little ‘DLC’ project or something along the lines of a post-game reward, like maybe it’d be unlocked by beating a Bonus Boss. Something that’d be made once the main bulk of it is ironed out.

In fact, beating bonus bosses in parts of the Sandbox Mode to get to play around as sizes not normally featured or even playable would be a neat way to make those ‘bragging rights’ bosses worth something. Plus it’d make possible ‘hard mode romance challenges’ a thing worth going through compared to normal story mode - assuming that romance options weren’t sandbox only to begin with. But this is getting into the ‘definitely scope creep’ territory of ideas. Source: Guy who constantly falls victim to scope creep when coming up with ideas - a.k.a. me.

But that’s part of the fun of putting these ideas out here, aside from the idea of maybe something more coming out of it than fanciful or elaborate daydreams. It’s a blast toying with scope creep ideas and brainstorming all the bells and whistles with other people. And there’s always the faint, glimmering hope of ‘who knows’ that makes them shine all the brighter.


One more Thing before I sleep tonight: The general ideas for the intended game itself

Story and Progression:

As a game, the story is a multi-chapter, episodic sort of affair with more emphasis on the episodic nature towards the beginning. It starts out with people being introduced to the MC, who at this point in time comes across as a ‘normal person’ or a prey character. Nice demeanor, sweet and helpful to a degree. Is likely a polar bear out of sheer why not.

And then she sees someone get eaten when she takes a wrong turn down an alleyway. And then she does what she always does when she gets angry - she eats her problems. Specifically, the pred/preds she runs into. After sorting out that and the following consequences (the guy is likely part of a minor gang/gang that is only just getting started), she decides that she can’t just be passive anymore in her lifestyle and goes on the offensive.

During the tutorial, there will be appearances by the Fatty party member, maybe a hyena or a deer for coloration’s sake, and the Preg Shopkeep, who only recently opened a ‘Mom and Pop’ shop and became the ‘Mom’, whose speicies I hadn’t thought about too hard but may be white or light grey in coloration. As the ‘episodes’ progress, their personalities, joys, concerns, and weights will become rapidly more apparent. The former won’t be a party member until a certain point in the story, and the Preg Shopkeep will likely be relegated to ‘sidequest reward’ or else only playable for a certain part of the story.

The second actual party member will be the Muscle Anthro, definitely light brown in coloration but again species not solidified, who might be an antagonist who joins up out of pragmatism as the MC makes her skill and ‘primarily pred’ “diet” apparent despite the misgivings over her being a pred. Of course, getting himkeeping him would not be easy, since an entire gym full of pred haters will likely stand in between that episode and the conclusion.

The pred rival might also be sidequest reward material, and will probably be working at a Pizza Delivery service as a ‘Pizza delivery gal’ who eats anyone who doesn’t pay up. And their pizza too, naturally. But her appearances in the story would probably still be a part of the main quest, for an old friendship and one of such a vastly different time would no doubt be of importance to the MC’s character arc/s. Planned species is some sort of gator or crocodile.

At any rate, the idea that it’d be episodic is mostly because the first half to 2/3rds of the game would be built around simply showing off the world at large. This ranges from things like the Muscle Gainers to the Fatty shenanigans to more deeper lore opportunities like the various conspiracies (at least two) keeping the world running behind the scenes and the mad science being done in the research labs as well as dealing with their occasional mistake or containment breach. One off encounters could also include dealing with the resident natural Macro, investigating a ‘house’ that eats people, and knocking some sense into buffet owners who like to turn their clientele into living pressure bombs.

And, of course, things like punting an obnoxious Voretuber over a wall or getting the guys from ‘Pop-em!’ to not explode you for views and illegally laundered “ad promo” money.

However, as the episodes progress, there will be changes occurring in the foreground and background of the game. Days/weeks/months will pass by, and with it some NPCs will change in appearance, such as the Shopkeep. Seasons can and will quite literally change from summer to fall to winter. Certain inventions or outbreaks of mad science will leave their mark.

And reports of the predator population taking notice of your efforts at successfully stopping/slowing the City’s descent into the End will cause greater varieties of enemies to harass you and be more bold. Gangs might move in as you depopulate their rivals. Certain groups might make overtures to recruit or suppress you. And the ugliness of some evils might rear its head, determined to crush you on the grounds of twisted idealogy and making the MC’s home a staging ground for their wicked ambitions out of sheer spite.

The last half of the story would be the peeling back of society. Peeling back as the individuals stop supporting the system, and instead indulge themselves to make every last day as full as possible. It’d be a true descent into Furry Hell and all the hedonism and fear it entails.

And the MC will be introduced to challenges to her path and decisions about herself over the game’s course. About her history and future. About the thing that she wishes to deny the most.

The game’s climax will not be a triumphant chapter. It’ll be the eye of the storm, and possibly with it, a breathtaking calm before the greatest change of all.

For better or worse.

The current idea would be that the game would have the passage of time and the progression of the story tied heavily, and with them all manner of change and opportunity. it’s not meant to be like Super Fatty RPG’s literally stagnant city in purgatory. It’s a living, evolving thing. Not just the MC would change, but the entire party and setting would grow, change, or decay over this passage of time.

The idea I’m in love with at the moment is basically a setting and character driven story. And to achieve this one, heartbreakingly vivid image of the game’s climax, it necessitates a lot of rigidity in how everything progresses. I probably wouldn’t have too many opportunities for controlling weight or size progression until towards the latter half of the game, where the options to do so would make sense to exist story wise.

But… If I could make that one scene come true and give it the best buildup and context… The rigidity and rails would be worth it. If this project ever gets off the ground, that scene would be the reason why. That singular vision…

Of The End.

Of their Apocalypse.

In all the meanings of the word.


You now have my full attention
Contrast is one of my favorite things
You’ll be the yin to sfrpgs yang
Tragedy to their comedy
Show the world your vision
For this hungering hound awaits it
May I recommend overarching villains though
Your story revolves around hunger and cycles, desperation and survival
What better a villain no more tragic of one, disturbingly unnatural and deathly, than the
And another more insidious and monstrous, but truly natural ingrained into primal memory, abomination from elder times
Two icons of hunger
One embodying desperation and survival at all costs, the unnatural persistence to live long after you should’ve perished
The other embodying indulgence and cyclical destruction, natural instincts taken to their most logical end in a world where the beast inside can reach heights of mass destruction


I slept on this thought. maybe after the main game, since I would aruge it would be something to both work on and unlock after the main game, preds can’t just eat prey randomly anymore but the desire is still their so, a company makes these full body simulations that let anyone prey or pred relive that time, note prey can play as preds so its a live the lives of preds with out actually killing. and being a Simulation all body sizes can be done for a player though like you brought up it has to be unlocked first. will leave it up to you have much of the “real” would is invovled but I would bring up the idea of “breaking” the simulation. aka getting so big or something that the entire thing breaks down and somehow causes the real body to fatten up a lot. not planet size of course, more like house or giga size


EDIT: Oh no wait shit. Does this violate the Site rules? God damn it did I seriously forget to check the site rules before posting this? Does this violate those rules? Oh no. Please someone tell me so I can take this post down if it does.

EDIT 2: You know what, even if what I’m talking about is universally reviled and firmly placed in the bad guy corner, I’m worried that it’s still too political. How about I never talk about the main antagonists again. At least not without asking a mod or something first.

EDIT 3: I also hope I didn’t needlessly panic either. That’d be embarrassing even in the best case.

EDIT 4: Acute anxiety is one of the reasons why this is only and idea and not a project at the moment. Panic does not help in the game creation process, especially if you look at a blank document and freak out about what you’re going to code even if you have a degree in Software Engineering. Even if it’s entirely justified to be a bit nervous.


If you’re nervous bring a friend
There is no such thing as a lone wolf only lonesome wolves in need of a pack
And what is not humanity at times
But a pack of rabid hounds


I’d pretty much have to. I can only do coding and ‘design’ work. I have no idea how to fiddle with making music and my art skills are… incredibly beginner at best. That said, I don’t know of anyone who shares my kinks or interest in this sort of thing.

I don’t exactly know anyone who’d help me even with my not kink related game ideas, tbh. Maybe someday if I had some sort of game slapdashed together I might attract some help, but for now… I don’t exactly have a team.

Seeing the first revision, it doesn’t run afoul of our no-politics rule but it skirts the line. The rule is there to prevent people from starting fights in the individual threads, but as this is describing world building and fantasy scenarios, it is treated differently.

That being said, I would tone it down for future posts or speak in more general terms, and definitely do not use the excuse of worldbuilding to interject political subject material on the forums. Its fine for describing the world in question, but we will step in if it becomes a habit.


Of course. That line skirting is why I erred on the side of caution and edited my post out in the first place. I did not want to start anything nor use this idea as a political discourse platform. Politics has already made my life depressing enough as it is.

That said, it sounds like that if I wanted to talk about these sorts of antagonists, I could use more general terms? I’d appreciate if I had some more clear boundaries on how to talk about them, or what changes I’d need to make to them to more comfortably talk about them in a worldbuilding sense without running afoul of the rules or coming too close to the line for comfort.

EDIT: And if it needs to be taken to private messaging or convos, I’d be more than willing to accommodate.

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hey a few thoughts.
One pregnacy sizes. like the fat and capacity sizes
two muscles sizes. all 4 are major aspects so I feel they should have their size grades
3 breasts and lacation. mostly linked to pregnancy but maybe a minor focuse on breast and lictation size and capacity. I mean cows would be a thing so milk is their.
Villain DLC. a second DLC idea. like the sandbox where you can gain huge size but your In a alternate universe where the main story characters don’t show up (SO you never have to deal with the characters of canon) and BE the apocalypse.


Ya its a hard issue. The main reason for the no politics rule is to prevent needless conflict and to keep the site on topic. That being said we greatly respect and do not wish to unnecessarily impede a devs ability to create so we want to be a bit laxer when it comes to actually creating something.

The best we can say you should do is just use common sense and if it feels like you are starting to enter soap box territory probably back off a bit. Otherwise we will let you know if we think its crossing a line and as long as you comply there will be no issues and in the worst case if you are really unsure about something feel free to DM Kilif, myself, or any of the @staff and we will do our best to assist you.


Thank you. I appreciate this. Helps me calm down a lot. Enough that I might feeling like talking about this game idea again. Again, many thanks for the reassurances and advice.


Alright. I’m going to ramble about one of the characters as procrastination for another of my projects. And also to give people a better idea of what sort of game this would be when I mentioned the idea that the RPG would be ‘character and world driven’.

The Mad Scientist:

General RPG Mechanical ideas:
While she still doesn’t have a name (I kinda suck at them, to be honest), the Normal Tier Fox is the 4th and final Main, non-optional party member. Her role in the party focuses heavily on support, namely dealing and curing status effects as well as dealing and removing buffs. Due to the design of her machinery, most of her moves are single target, so she excels in fights against low numbers of enemies or in boss fights.

Her special moves are fueled by food, like everyone else’s, but instead of consuming it herself, she shoves it into a matter converter where it’s reconstituted as either fuel or transformed into the chemical formulas needed for her moves. However, like how the characters can get too full and suffer from ill effects, her matter converter can get jammed and overfilled, require her to remove the buildup after a few turns. Thankfully, she carries a compound to help antacids work outside of the stomach, meaning that most methods of dealing with overfilling can also work on her matter converter.

She does have a few physically damaging moves due to her mechanical arms that are attached to her mechanical exo-skeleton, but while they can hit hard you’re going to get more bang for your buck using your main damage dealers and only save her attacks/attack specials for downturns of clutch victories. She does, however, have a restraint move which is useful for setting up finishers like the MC’s Signature ‘Vore’ or the Muscle Anthro’s ‘Pump and Pop’, in case of odd body compositions or if the others are too busy to be on restraint duty.

Character Profile:
Personality wise, while she does have excitement and passion, she has a tight control on herself and is is usually able to channel it towards productivity. However, her motor mouth and bright facial expressions gives her excitement away clearly even though her body and movements are as steady as a rock.

That said, as loose lipped as she is about her scientific passions, she tends to not disclose her hobbies unless prompted. These include Anthro Watching, Roller Derby, Amateur Ice Skating, and watching dance performances. She prefers to listen to classical music while working in her lab and more high energy rock music while performing physical activity, but for relaxation she prefers what she calls a ‘precise blend’ of the two. When she reads for fun, she prefers sci-fi serials in case her experiments take longer that week than expected - and also to keep her from binge reading until the wee hours in the morning. Or TO binge read if she finds a new one.

Her personal life outside of her hobbies, however, she purposefully is tight lipped about. Her family she refuses to talk about due to fear and paranoia about them being targets for organizations that wish to use her or targets for vengeful preds. If one is observant, there might be a blink and you’ll miss it hint or two suggesting that her parents are reclusive and live somewhere in nature. Given how many people tend to miss the ‘subtle hints’ I drop, this might go entirely unnoticed.

As for her friendships, she has none outside of her workplace and hobbies. She’s afraid of forming deeper friendships due to general concerns about losing them to preds, as well as her own insecurities with her lack of any outstanding trait.

When she was younger, she felt insecure and alone because of everyone around her dealing with or sharing their experiences with their natural abilities. Things like being able to eat large amounts of food or large objects (or people) whole or being able to work out to absolutely swole levels in a single session. Or, in senior year of high school and early college, the excitement over the number of children they could have if they found ‘the one’.

She couldn’t share in any of those things, things that it seemed like everyone could share. Even when music failed, hobbies were niche, movie tastes were divisive, or any other number of things, everyone else could relate via these traits. And the fox girl couldn’t understand why she was left out.

So she devoted herself to that understanding. Science helped her cope, and the more she learned the more she came to love it, and the more she wanted to put it to practice. She was building basic mechanical arms before she got into high school out of junkyard parts, and she basically carried every science team in the school that she participated in.

Ironically, though, despite making advances in medical technology, such as methods to distribute or store medicine or synthesize it, she was never good at grasping the genetic fundamentals. The one thing she wanted to understand the most she struggled with greatly.

Role and Arcs in the story:
In fact, by the time she comes into focus, she’ll have some initial side quests and initial main quest interactions centered around her trying out various experiments to try and get past this roadblock.

However, it isn’t until she is kidnapped by the main antagonists that she’s able to get past this roadblock, and it’s not pretty why. Basically, she was snapped up along with a few dozen other scientists.

Their captors are part of a radical group that takes the idea of ‘bigger is better’ to its most malevolent conclusion and who has less empathy than the average predator. They’re forcing them to work on a serum or method to make their leader, who is currently codenamed ‘Fenrir’ out of universe, into an artificial Apex. And every day that they don’t produce satisfactory results is a day where the ‘weakest link’ in the scientists is given to their superiors for a snack.

Out of desperation and necessity, some of the geniuses educated everyone about their fields in case they were deemed ‘the weakest link’ to give everyone else a shot at surviving. It was under this fire that the fox woman finally got past her roadblock. And her mentors in this regard were eaten one by one until the MC and her friends bust in to rescue the remaining scientists.

However, she’s able to complete and administer the serum, and then ordered to destroy the secrets and method so that no one else can, in the words of her captor, ‘follow in his godly- destined footsteps’. Which is to his detriment, since she deliberately allowed some noticeable flaws to exist into that serum. Ones that wouldn’t be readily apparent until she was able to get some help to pull that particular trigger.

Later on, after joining the team, between the Main Quest and some side quests, she begins to open up about all of this and her changed viewpoint. She now knows how she’s ‘Normal’ and has the capability to change it. But seeing and being exposed to the main antagonist’s attitude towards the traits she was envious of has soured her view on it all.

The MC would (maybe, this isn’t certain) have some influence on how things go from here, and whether or not she changes her mind about staying Normal. That wouldn’t quite be the point - which is more focused on making that choice honestly and for her own needs - and instead be more of a reward or bonus for helping her through it. Assuming that it’s not ‘made private’ for the sake of enhancing the final message and the end result deliberately never stated in the game. Which would be in character for someone so private about the most personal elements of her life…

As for her effect on the MC… this message of clearing out prior expectations and working through the net and pressures to see what she needs for herself is vital. The MC is very much in need of a reason to re-examine her choices and her identity, and adapting to one’s true personal needs is a reason why that she would be lacking for most of the story. From there, the other character interactions and those lessons would hopefully click into place in time for the finale.

My final notes are basically that this character wrote herself in. None of the others have quite this much natural flow to them, and still need some hammering out. Still, I have general plans for all four of the main character’s roles and some ideas to work off of for the two optional party members/other two major, non-antagonistic characters.

And I still wish I had good naming sense. My first instinct for naming the polar bear MC is Pola. I would absolutely leave any naming for any of this to either divine providence or co-conspirators for this project. Asgore has better ideas for names than I do.

EDIT: Unrelated, but it finally occurred to me to add some minor tags to this topic! I feel silly for not thinking of doing this sooner…