Furry Seas: Cruise of Desires

Hey there,

I’m deep into the development of Furry Seas: Cruise of Desires, and I wanted to share some of the planned features and details about the game. It’s an exciting project that’s taking shape, and I’m really looking forward to unveiling it soon!

Game Title: Furry Seas: Cruise of Desires

Overview: So, here’s what I’ve got in mind for the game. Furry Seas is going to be a furry visual novel with a twist. It’s not just a linear story; it’s somewhat open-world, meaning players can choose where to go and what to do. The coolest part is that these choices will have a real impact on the direction the game takes and the future of the characters.

Planned Features:

  1. Weight Gain Mechanic:
  • I’m working on a unique weight gain mechanic that’ll add depth to the gameplay. As players make choices throughout the game, like what their character eats and how active they are, it’ll directly affect their character’s physique. So, you’ll see your character transform over time, from slim to a bit on the plumper side, based on your choices.
  1. Slight Slob Elements:
  • To make the character development more interesting, I’m introducing slight slob elements. This means that your character’s living environment and habits can get a bit untidy and disorganized over time, reflecting the carefree lifestyle they’re embracing.
  1. NSFW Scenes:
  • I’m not holding back on adult content. The game will include explicit NSFW scenes that players can unlock as they progress and build relationships with other characters. It’s going to be a significant part of the experience, letting players explore their desires and fantasies in the furry world.
  1. Dynamic Relationships:
  • Building relationships with other characters is a key focus. I want players to feel like their choices really matter. The way you interact with other characters will influence the dynamics of these relationships, whether you’re making friends, finding romance, or engaging in other unique interactions.
  1. Open World Exploration:
  • The game will offer players the freedom to explore a variety of locations. You’ll be able to choose where you want to go, whether it’s exploring lush landscapes, cozy cabins, bustling party decks, or hidden corners of the cruise ship. Each place will have its own charm and secrets to discover.
  1. Impactful Choices:
  • I’m making sure that the choices players make have real consequences. Early decisions can lead to completely different storylines and outcomes, so players will have to think carefully about how they want to shape their character’s journey.

I’m putting a lot of passion and effort into this project, and I can’t wait to share it with the community. Furry Seas: Cruise of Desires is going to be an immersive and engaging furry visual novel experience that offers players a chance to craft their own unique stories within the game. Keep an eye out for updates, as I’ll be releasing it soon, and I hope it provides hours of entertainment and excitement!
Main Character Sprites

If you have questions or have ideas what to add, just comment :3


This is a really interesting concept! The artwork for the sprites so far is amazing too! The planned features seem very ambitious, but I’m excited to see how you implement them! I’ll definitely be following this for updates


This looks really, really good so far!


YES! We always need more big furry men. The art looks great!


looks exciting!!! def looking forward to this!

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The project seems something i will love and hope to see it becomes into what you desire it to be. The artwork is amazing.

My questions, if you dont mind:

  • Will you be releasing it trough chapters? Usually its easier to see them build by build as you develop and seems quite a big project you are aiming for.

  • Regarding the WG and Slob, will those elements also be seen in the ones you will be meeting / interacting with or its mostly focused on the protagonist?

  • Will most of the WG be caused by yourself eating or will there be situations like feeding / forcefeeding or even magical ways it will happen?

Thats all my questions for now, will be looking into more updates, no matter how small, your project seems really exciting.


That is awesome! Plus it gives me “The pirate’s Fate” vibes but more open world! I can’t wait to see it! And do you have a discord?

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The game idea looks interesting and hope to see more in near future. Do you plan to add stuffing mechanics where we can stuff someone belly with food, like feeding option? Or it would be weight gain?

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:+1: :+1: :+1: very dobre

this is gonna be fun to play

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super excited to see this, the art preview is amazing!