FuzzD22 and I am happy to be here!

I been around this site from a few years and played tons of games here also have a love of JRPG, weight gain and monster girls. So I think it time for me to get to work what I mean is I may be posting reviews on some of the games I have played also maybe I will post about some ideas I been having.

PS: I kind of make art not the best but I can draw (badly) https://twitter.com/fuzzd22.


Hello, and welcome to Weight Gaming! It’s always nice to see new members introducing themselves.

I hope you enjoy your stay here!

Welcome! Looks like I’m second on the welcome wagon, though! Anyway, it’s nice for a fellow lurker to emerge from the shadows (I lurk on other sites, for reasons :D) Just don’t judge too harshly, ok? You seem like a good egg, so don’t prove me wrong by being rotten!

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I do like shadows but almost everyone is so nice here that I had to be in the light just for a bit.

I plan to this place is so much Fun!


In a continuation of the song From Shadows, from the RWBY soundtrack, one of the lines is, “Out of the ashes, a new flame Ignite! Out of the Shadows and into the light!” It’s called This Time, but just be careful, because thumbnails on lyric videos and certain parts of the songs themselves can be spoilers for the plot. Great music, all the same.

Welcome! Happy to have you here and I look forward to seeing some of your ideas!

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