Gain Factory Reloaded, weight gain factory builder!

Download from itch: Gain Factory Reloaded by kittykiller kuriosity

The new update is out now!

This update includes a new goddess, named Beatrice who is the goddess of the bees, which are the new character type introduced in the update. Bees can be farmed for honey and promoted to queens, which are like a mini-goddess that you can feed.

This update also includes a bunch of new structures, and a new crop.

Some of the new stuff:

  • Bees!!! A new character type.
  • New unlockable outfit pieces, which are unlocked by undressing the bees.
  • 3 more gain levels for all characters, including player.
  • A new goddess!!! Overlady Beatrice of the Sagittarius constellation.
  • Honey and Royal Jelly, which can both be harvested from worker bees and queen bees respectively.
  • Spooky Pumpkins, which are a new crop that can be farmed.
  • A bunch of new food.
  • Alcohol.
  • Rockets for long distance travel and resource transportation.
  • Cranes for moving characters and rockets.
  • The Arc Furnace, which is basically an oven that runs on electricity.
  • Nukes and explosives.
  • More logic components.
  • A rework of how the inspector panel works. You can now set thresholds for activation and decide which aspects of the objects it should inspect.
  • Translations! You can now translate the game and load different translations into it.

You mine resources from veins and milk cowgirls for milk, then you run those materials through machines to process them into food and factory components.

You mine resources from veins, harvest milk and honey from cowgirls and bees, farm crops, then you run those materials through machines to process them into food and factory components.

The world generates with randomized cowgirls and bees, so basically every characteryou meet is going to be somewhat unique. The characters can be spoken with, fed, undressed, milked, and made to gain weight.

There are customization options for the player character. The player can also gain weight. New clothes styles are unlocked for the player by undressing a piece of clothing from an character.

The game plays kinda like a mix of Factorio and Infinifactory, if I was to be generous. Automation is often a bit puzzle.

Structures are placed on the pixel level and not on a grid. Items can be picked up and dropped off anywhere on screen and structures and characters can be interacted with anywhere on screen.

The game includes a recipe book which you can use to figure out recipes for items (you can use tab to open it). The recipe book also provides help with controls (? button on item list page).

Additional help with controls and mechanics can be found when talking to the goddess in game (right click to speak to characters).

After completing the game, you unlock a second goddess which is the hard mode of the game.

The game can be kinda janky and fiddly at times, and I may not be able to actively update it, so here are some useful tips instead (I promise the game makes sense once you get the hang of it):

There are 11 basic resources: 7 different crops, 3 different ores, and milk from cowgirls. The crops are found growing in oases scattered across the map. The oasis grows a random crop every time it is harvested. The ores can be mined from ore veins, and the milk can be milked from a cowgirl who has been fed enough to produce milk. Everything else is made from these materials.

You can hold space when placing a structure to make it snap right next to another structure that your mouse is hovering over.

You can hold Q to make structures transparent so that you can work behind them easier.

It could happen that you drop an item behind a structure where you can’t see it. If that happens, the item is just behind the structure, so it is possible to pick it back up.

Funnels are used to funnel out of and into buildings. To work they need to be right up against the building, to where their hitboxes touch. Funnels can also funnel items from the ground and onto the ground. Funnels cannot funnel items directly into other funnels.

Conveyor belts need to have their hitboxes touching for items to move from one to the next.

Fullscreen mode can be toggled with alt + enter or in the settings menu.

Do make sure to back up your worlds using the copy function in the savefile select screen. There shouldn’t be any major problems with the savefile system, but I cannot guarantee that it will always function correctly. I have had instances of savefile corruption a while back in development, which should be fixed, but better safe than sorry. The game data location is “%localappdata%/gain_factory_reloaded_”, in case you want to clean up after the game or you want to modify a savefile.

The game data location for gain factory classic is still “%localappdata%/gain_factory”.

You can find the language folder for the game at “%localappdata%/gain_factory_reloaded_/language”. To change the language of the game, simply place a .lang file inside the folder called “active” and restart. The game auto generates the english language file upon startup if the active folder is empty. This file can be used as a template for when translating the game. The game includes cyrillic characters in the font.

If any major game breaking stuff is found, I will do my best to fix it and release an update.

If the recipe of an item in the recipe book doesn’t match the actual recipe in game, please let me know so that I can fix.

If you want to dm me, you can add kittykillerkuriosity on discord.

If you want to share the game with people, the best way to do so is to send them the link to the project, to ensure that they get the most up to date version and information.

I cannot stop people from uploading the game to other websites, but I would at least request that credit is given and that the link to this page follows. If the game is reuploaded it could contain malware and I don’t want that.

You can toggle cheat mode by pressing c + h + e + a + t in quick succession on the keyboard, pressing t last, basically spelling out cheat on the keyboard. Upon activating cheat mode, all items in the recipe book will be unlocked. In cheat mode, placing structures won’t use up items. Use the up and down arrows to change the id of the item you’re holding (hold shift to do so by 10). Use the left and right arrows to change the count of the item you’re holding (hold shift to do so by 10). You can also shift click on items in the recipe book to pick them out.

Anyway, enjoy the game! (and the gain)



it’s a bit unintuitive, next to the bottom boxes is an orange box, that’s your crafter. you place items in a specific order to make things, and you can find the recipe for different items by pressing tab


Yeah i did that, but i cant collect what i craft

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Welcome to the forum and it’s a strong start coming right out of the gate with a new game concept!

I’ll look forward to trying this later. In the meantime, welcome once again!


So far, the game is solid. No noticeable bugs, but I am having issues finding how to make the first electricity source. I made just about everything that I could without electricity, but I have no idea how to connect them. I even ended up cheating just to try and figure out exactly what was going on and I still have no clue how to power items. I added fuel to the “Stirling Engine”, and it connected to other pylons and powerlines just fine, but it didn’t to connect to the Tectonic press, for example. Either it doesn’t work (Which I doubt) or I’m just unaware of how to connect things for the electricity.
Oh, also the girls roaming really far from the middle is a bit awkward, considering the current speed I’m at.

This game could really do with some quality of life stuff, currently it’s really unintuitive, especially with the controls.


I get that. The recipe book explains the controls, you can also talk to the goddess for help.

The structures connect to electric fields when they are close enough to the field. You can see the field when you hold shift while the mouse is over a structure that provides a power field. A tip for the cowgirls wandering, you can talk to the cowgirls and get enough friendship to ask them to stand still pretty fast.

You can take items out of the product slots of things by shift left clicking for whole stacks or shift right clicking for single items.

What is fuel? Cannot for the life of me figure it out.

Fuels are fossil chocolate, and thicc butter.

I love the idea, but it needs a lot of QoL in my opinion
and, with conveyor belts, am I missing something? I place one down, and it’s only a single row of pixels…

Do you have any idea how long I’ve been looking for a factorio/automation fat game and do you have any idea how happy randomly logging onto WG and seeing this in my notifs made me?! :grin: :grin: Absolutely fantastic game!

(could use some QoL though, like a placement grid and some improvements to controls, no biggie tho :smile:)


Same as above me.
The idea of a fatty factory game kept bouncing around my head but I couldn’t find one, so imagine how excited I was to see this pop up in Projects

Last thing I built so far was the first stirling engine and conveyor belts and the game is looking very promising

This game has a very steep learning curve and it was hard to figure out what to do at first. Unfortunately, it is too much for me.

Your spritework is amazing.
Too me a bit to figure out how to make conveyors extend in length, now just working on placement. Really looking forward to more.

Less of a steep learning curve, a lot of stuff just seems complicated/sluggish for no real reason, like all the mouse+keyboard combos to do everything instead of UI boxes to drop stuff in, why you can’t run, why crops randomize every time you take one (I assumed it was a bug, TBH), why the “delete a building” button and the “align one building with another” button are the same button, or why conveyor belts default to being one pixel in length so you have to manually extend them every time.
Overall it’s just a 10x jankier Factorio, and none of the lewd content is frontloaded so the player has to spend half an hour before they get access to anything fun.
Super cool idea though, the only other guy to try to take this concept on shelved his game after like a month, it’s good to see someone else take a crack at it.

Bug reports:

  1. First run of the game crashed after a few text boxes while I was trying to figure out the controls. I don’t see a crash log in the folder, and there’s no chance I’d remember the error.
  2. Most chats skip a line or two when you talk to someone, so you have to back the conversation up to read what you missed.
  3. The “love” stat doesn’t update in real-time raising it via your chats, I have to click out of the chat and re-enter it for it to update.
  4. All the cowgirls had the same name once. No idea if it was a chat glitch or what, but it was temporary.
  5. If you delete a mine or drop anything on the ores, I THINK they fall behind it and become unclickable, I’ve had a few things get dropped next to an ore pile and get partially obscured. God I’ve lost so much stuff accidentally deleting things on mines.
  6. When you have a drill attached to an ore, the collision box is still enabled for both, which causes some issues with the auto-align function. (Maybe drills should auto-lock onto mines and “replace” them until it’s deleted?)

Plus a couple other bugs I forgot.
Not sure if it’s a bug or not, I thought mines could only hold like 16 ores by themselves without a chest, but I had one that was holding like 150 chocolate ores while the chest I was trying to connect was at 0. If it was a bug, I think it had something to do with bug #6 up there, I was trying to do the infinite fuel chest loop with a chocolate mine, but it was acting kinda oddly and I couldn’t get anything to connect right.

…so i hate to do this after someone FINALLY makes a factory game, after all the “SOME 1 SHUD MAKE FACTORY GAME!” posts, and i know you’re trying to be unique, but there’s honestly a LOT of issues with it.

1, i know that “freeform pixel placement” is neat and all, but there IS a reason that all factory games work on a grid system. it’s a LOT easier to manage and align things when everything is aligned by default
2, the whole “CTRL+M1” thing is a bit annoying. like you have an ENTIRE keyboard to work with, you could have Q to cycle through modes, or F and G to change belt length, and there’s also the fact that some BASIC controls you’ve mapped to function+mouse
3, ok this is an actual bug i encountered. while working on a feeder system, a part dropped onto a belt, went into a feeder, and got feed into the goddess. because it’s not a food she couldn’t eat it, but she kept trying to

overall i do hope this game gets refined, because no one really seems to want to do something like this, but it could use some work

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After giving it a dabble I can see there’s a load of potential here! A couple of things I would like to see, one of which is a map of sorts (a perma mini map could be a nice perk that the goddess gives you) just to help keep track of the ore fields; secondly, as others have pointed out, is to remap some of the functions to the rest of the keyboard as the mouse and shift/click keys felt a little overloaded in function.

I get the appeal of trying to emulate Factorio in its whole complexity, but for horny casuals like me who just want to focus more on the befriending and feeding of cowgirls and goddesses, maybe some smaller, more structured levels with set goals would be benficial? Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing with Free Play to get the full experience, but I think more comprehensive levels can provide the same puzzling quality while serving as a tutorials of sorts to bootstrap players into the more advanced production chains and concepts like power.

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