Gain Fit for a God - Valhalla Weight Gain (EARLY, LIKE 0.001)

Hey, long time lurker, long time thinker. Decided to mash up my fetishes with my favorite mythology (the norse kind). Keep in mind, this is something I literally started on like an hour ago and I just learned the basics of Twine like an hour ago. There isn’t much currently. I’ll try to send an update either weekly or biweekly, depending on how much effort I put into this.

That being said, here’s the 0.001 version of “Gain Fit for a God”

Hope you enjoy! It’s really short right now!

DEV LOG 2-07:
Plans for update 0.002:

  • Replace Leif Eriksson with a surprise character (Leif was in fact a christian)
  • Introduce some of the Aesir, Odin included (not gonna be the God of War characters, I swear)
  • Flesh out the *main path, begin writing side plots
  • I will release what I have made on Monday!

For me it doesn’t work at all, but that might just be the website. I recommend allowing downloads, it’s better for troubleshooting if players can download the game and then see if it works or not, rather than hoping it works in the janky browser player mode.

thx for making new one!

Unfortunately I can’t get the game to load either. Just tells me “Loading saga for the first time…” with a loading bar that moves back and forth endlessly.

My bad! Should be available to download now!

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Look good
but Minor Nitpick, Leif Erickson was a devout christian

I’m getting the eternal load thing on my end, too.

Minor nitpick but his name is spelled Leiv Eiriksson in modern text, there is no pausible way it can be spelled with -ck since that name exonym isn’t norse.

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