Gain Jam 2022: Patreon Wildcard Poll Now Open!

Greetings folks!

This is a shout out to all @patreon members, of Supporter Tier ($5) and higher, that the polling for the Patreon Wildcard selection is now open! Please follow the link below and cast your votes now! Polling will remain open for two weeks so you will have until midnight (00:00 UTC-7) on Friday 07/15/22 to make your decision and see how you will impact the Gain Jam!

Link to the Patreon Poll:

… And as to the rest of community wondering when they will get their turn - worry not! Once the Patreon Wildcard has been selected, a community poll will be held to select the Community Wildcard and the third Wildcard, chosen by the Admins, will only be revealed shortly before the contest starts! Sneaky Admins! :smiling_imp:

Happy voting and stay tuned for more announcements!


So what were the voting options? I can’t read it because the post is locked.

My apologies, I’ve now highlighted that this is available to all members of the $5 Supporter Tier and higher.