Gain Jam 2022: Starting Date Announced and Updated Scoresheet!

Hey folks! A couple of Gain Jam announcements for you. Let’s start with the big one:

Starting Date

We finally have a date for our 5th Annual Gain Jam! Mark it in your calendars that:

Midnight (00:00 UTC-7) of Monday, August 15th

Will be the starting date of the Gain Jam, running for 14 days until midnight of Monday, August 29th. For those who lack calendars, roll on the sexy countdown clock!

That’s not to say that we will be resting on our laurels in the meantime! There will still be the community poll for selecting the Community Wildcard, along with the Discord “Guess the Theme” contest that will both be running in due course, along with other announcements. In the interim, now is the time for budding participants to prepare: make ready your time for the coming event and start forming teams!

Updated Scoresheet

Marginally less sexy*, but no less important is the second of two updates: with the Gain Jam drawing ever closer, it’s been time to update the scoresheets! Alongside updating the sheets for the inclusion of the Wildcards, it was decided to to simplify the scores by reducing them by a factor of 10; each criterion now scores within a range from 10 - 50, reduced from 100 - 500. For those interested, you can check out the changes on the new scoresheet below:

Full Sheet: WG_Gain_Jam_score_sheet_2022_template.xlsx (183.9 KB)

Overall the tweaks added should improve the readability of the total scores, but do please let us know what you think of the new scoresheet! If you have any questions or feedback you like to share, specifically in relation to the scoresheet, please post your comments below. Things are not wholly set in stone and we are continually thinking of ways to improve the scoring so that it remains fair and supportive of all game entries.

*Though if you do get turned on by spreadsheets then who am I to judge, eh?


let’s wish all the daredevils good luck, even if their idea and implementation were good, but as for the table, I don’t understand, but everything seems to be clear and understandable

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Well there are several weight-gain roleplaying homebrew rulebooks on this forum.

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I’m not sure I understand the five points per wildcard that doesn’t seem to factor into the total 173. I’m assuming the three points for the wildcards attempted is a simple pass/fail for each wildcard you give a good effort at, but what’s the five points per card? How is that judged, and how does that factor into score?

The second round judging, I’m not sure how I feel about the doubling of points for fetish elements for second round. What defines a fetish audio vs a non fetish audio? Do you have an obligation to put in belly growling sound-effects, what if you have a voice over that mentions expansion in a non-sexy manner? Can you have good fetish art while bad regular art? Also seems strange to be so selective in the second round only.

Alex accepting people for all their kinks.


The wildcards are meant to be optional challenges. The points from them do not factor into the max final score because we don’t want to create a situation where the only way to win is to take on all the challenges. They’re supposed to be optional.

What is the point of trying to do a wildcard then? Well, you still get points for them. They just can’t bring you above the max. The use is that you can use one of the cards to make up for a weakness in other places. If you don’t have an artist, you can make up in the art score by focusing on making mechanics that tie into the cards.

You can still get a small number of extra points for attempting the cards, because we do want people to try them. But it’s not a ton of points. It’s the ‘3’ in the ‘173’ number. 1 point for each card. The pass fail category awards those points. The other category is the judgement on how well you implemented the card.

The first round is meant to be less detailed. The second round is meant to have things scored in depth, so the categories are more detailed and broken down.

Fetish audio is audio relevant to the fetish presented. So stomach noises and burps definitely count as fetish sounds for stuffing and wg related stuff. But we allow other fetishes as well, and they’ll obviously have their relevant sound effects.

If you want points for fetish sound effects then it makes sense to have some kind of fetish sound effects.

Sure. Take a an rpgmaker game that uses nothing but stock tile-sets and stock maps, but has a ton of custom fat sprites. Meh regular art with good fetish art.

Thanks for your questions!


As a rule of thumb, the Wildcards will come into play more for the second round of scoring. The first round is more focused on filtering out the entries that don’t fit the Theme and/or don’t work.

And following what Juxt has said above, I’ll state that the Wildcard points aren’t strictly standard points, nor simple bonus points - they are what you could call “supplementary” points. Designed to bolster a game that may find itself weak or flagging in certain areas so as to round out the entry, shoring up its points if it falls short of the maximum.


Thank you for the responses, that helps clear things up for me.

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A slight digression from the scoresheet, but I for one am excited to see what clever combinations of card combos people will utilise. Perhaps a certain combination will lend itself to a certain genre or get used in a wild interpretation that no one could predict. It should be fun and rewarding :smile:

/queues up “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

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I would like to participate in the contest :slight_smile:

Just to be sure, there’s no sign up for this contest. You’ll be entered to win by submitting a game after the jam starts (and the theme is announced), but before the jam ends after its 2 week period.


what are the rules again?
when it comes to using pre-made code and assets particularly.

We are currently in the process of updating the Gain Jam rules so expect an announcement to this effect soon! To answer your question in the interim, there is nothing wrong with preparing assets before the contest. As well as this being a contest, this is also an opportunity to showcase your work and talents or to test new ideas and concepts. If it encourages more people to create then we all benefit from the experience!

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