Gain Jam 2023 ("Lo-Cal" Edition) has finished!



Relax. You did it. You pushed the limits to complete the mission!

The Jam development time is over and now you will need to submit your entry if you have not already done so.

You all pushed yourselves throughout this Gain Jam. I heartily thank you all for participating.

You’ll be hearing from me again shortly, but for now go rest up. You’ve earned this respite. Enjoy the fruits of your labours.


Lol thought I had till sunday, welp. Still have work to do.

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Despite this being a “Lo-Cal” version, this is still the 3rd highest amount of submissions we’ve seen, with a good mix of new and returning devs. Massive congrats to everyone who’s taken part.

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Thank you everyone who participated in this gain jam, sure is a somehow really passionate community !

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I was so excited to get my entry ready, but at the start of the second week, COVID had to bare its fangs into my neck and take me out. Ah, well. At least I get to scrutinize other people’s game theory, hunt for exploits, and give unwarranted criticisms in indiscriminate fashion.

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i wish i could of finished my game but i guess i made my game a little to big

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Hello Game Jam Contestants!!!

If you have created a game for this years game jam and would like to show it off…

Feel free to ask us to display in the 2023 Belly Direct coming up sometime this October/September,

Check this out to apply!

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