Gain Jam 2023 ("Lo-Cal" edition) is LIVE!

Ladies and gentlemen, the time is once again upon us! I can finally reveal that the theme for WeightGaming’s Gain Jam VI: (“Lo-Cal” edition), as provided by a lucky member of the community, is…

“Science isn’t about why, it’s about why not?” - (Cave Johnson, Portal 2)

Your mission, if you choose to accept it: to design and create a game within two weeks that demonstrates limits being pushed!

What those limits are (and the consequences for exceeding them) will be left to your warped and wild imaginations! I think this is a concept near and dear to all of us and our fantasies. Be it pushing for just one more bite, pushing to expand into new grounds and frontiers, breaking new heights and depths - or just simply breaking the scales! All the way to defying all logical bounds possible…

Dare you step up to the plate~?

Safety not guaranteed!


Some final parting words before you all race off:

Firstly: If you haven’t read them yet, full rules for the contest can be found here!

Secondly: The #gain-jam:lo-cal-gain-jam-8-2023 board is now open! To qualify for the contest, you must post your submission thread there as a new topic. Early posting is okay, but try to post when you have something ready to put up. The Gain Jam board is for submissions and discussions relating to those only; discussions or questions about the Jam itself should be posted either in #gain-jam:questions-help or raised in the Gain Jam channel over on Discord.

Finally, if you plan on posting your work or progress on social media, please tag it with #GainJam so that we can push the limits on the X algorithm! We’d be delighted to see and promote your efforts!

Best of luck to everyone participating this year! Let’s push the limits* on pushing those limits!
*within reason! This is all just a friendly contest for showcasing one’s talents. Despite the theme, no need for crunching, haha.


Woo hoo! Can’t wait to see all the great stuff everyone comes up with!


Omg my theme got selected! I will proceed to judge each game very harshly (jk).


lmao the audio embed brings me back to old-school radios from the 80s and 90s

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Let’s get this shit started.

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I submitted that theme, too! Although technically mine was “pushing limits” and not “push the limits” but it’s essentially the same thing. Can’t wait to see all the amazing entries!


The spirit is the same, now that I think about it mine could have also been “pushing” lol. We’re all winners either way

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