Gain Jam '24: It's happening!

… In just five weeks’ time! Mark the dates in your calendars!

Start Date: Friday 16th August, 12 noon PDT (UTC-7)

End Date: Friday 30th August, 12 noon PDT (UTC-7)

The contest will run for the standard two week duration that Jam regulars will be familiar with, with extra time available in the unlikely event of any site issues. It is therefore strongly recommended for anyone participating to also join us on our Discord server (click on the Discord icon in the top right!) to stay in communication.

All entries will need to be posted in their own submission thread in the Gain Jam Forum section, once opened, in order to count for the contest. Seasoned Jam veterans will know the drill by now. The Gain Jam forum board will be unlocked soon!

Along with the forum, the Gain Jam channel on Discord will also be opening soon for those wanting to get a headstart on forming teams and the like.

For the benefit for newcomers to the Gain Jam, We’ll be issuing further details about the contest closer to the time so stay tuned!

With that all said, now is the time to ready yourselves and prepare! Oh, and as this year’s
contest will be an ‘Official Gain Jam’, cash prizes are back on the menu! That should hopefully whet some appetites! :money_mouth_face:

More to come soon!


Awesome to see the Jam coming back! We had a ton of amazing games last time, I can’t wait to see what we’ll get this year!


When will Gain Jam Teams - Weight Gaming be open/appropriate for 2024?

They’ll announce when it’s open, but it’s not for a while yet.

Hi there, while the main Gain Jam board is currently locked, the Gain Jam Teams board should be open for new topics!