Gain Jam idea: Sub-themes

So, I don’t know if this is where I should post this, but oh well, it’s the closest place I’ve got. Anyway, why not have a sub-category to each Gain Jam? Like, yeah, the main theme is always going to be fat, otherwise what’s to make the jam unique, but I mean like requiring posts to be made under a specific sub-theme, E.G. “3D”, or “Gain/Loss”, “inflation/deflation”, “Puzzle”, “Platformer”, “Mobility Issues”, “2D”, “Pixelated”, “Stealth” etc. etc, basically a theme that everyone entering the jam has to include or base their game on for that year, to push them to work outside their comfort zones and develop themselves as game creators? I didn’t exactly word this well, but I hope you get what I mean by this idea.

They kinda do this already don’t they?

The first theme was holidays,
the second was “in the workplace”,
and the latest one was " Weighty Systems" (use a fetish mechanic in a meaningful way within your game).

I guess the last one’s sub theme was not as unique as your talking about but it does mean that the weight element of the games this year was functional and not narrative.

As FA_Gamer said, that’s what we already do. And we don’t actually enforce weight gain being in the game, just some fetish element.

I think the jams could use an “optional” theme(s) that I’ve seen other jams do. Basically it’s suggested theme elements that you could try incorporating into your game to try experimenting if you’d like. But rather than what you suggested, mechanical themes, I would like interpretative themes. Some examples that come from a jam I’m in would be “Alternate Universe”, “Out of Gas”, “Everything is Sticky”, “It Helps but it Hurts”, and “Interruptions”. They are vague themes that could be interpreted any number of ways, and participants can choose wether to incorporate none, all, or a mix of them.

So that’s my opinion on this anyways.

Ooooooh, sorry, didn’t pay enough attention, my mistake!
@FA_Gamer Weight effecting systems is actually kinda like some of the stuff I gave examples of, E.G. the Mobility stuff or puzzle games. (I wouldn’t mind seeing more of that kinda stuff, but I’m bad at game design so I can’t do it myself)