Gain Jam Teams

With the Gain Jam approaching, might it be an idea to create a subcategory to allow people to assemble/advertise/organise teams prior to the theme announcement?


By it’s self I think it’s a fine idea, but I don’t know if they’re is enough creator’s to make it work. I definitely don’t know how many people are actively making stuff now, but of them I think there would be either be a lot of really small teams of just two or three people which wouldn’t really change that much from how the jams worked before or just two or three big teams cutting down on the diversity on competition a lot.

These are my thoughts after considering not just the number of active content creator’s, but also how many would want to actually participate in this relatively small community.

Obviously I’m probably dead wrong, I definitely don’t have the numbers on users or have any awarenesses of what their thoughts about it is themselves, just my own on the matter.

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That is a good idea. Would make it easier for people to try to form teams. I will try to open it up tonight or tomorrow.