Gain Station 13, a Space Station 13 server with fatties. NOW 24/7

Hello there, I have recently made a fat oriented Space Station 13 server using the Hyperstation13 source code, for now, it does not have any special feature and it’s just for people who would like to roleplay and feed each other until someone cannot move anymore.
If you are interested in joining my server here is the BYOND address, please remember that you need to create a BYOND account first in order to play on the server, we do not accept guests accounts.

*byond:// *

Oh and if you would like I can also make a Discord server for all of you people who want to see if there are people playing on the server.


What’s actually different about this version of Space station 13? Nothing I’ve found, including it’s own website gives any information at all about what it’s features are. It’s like it’s common knowledge and I’m already supposed to know.

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HyperStation13 = Space station 13 for the hornies. It lets you have genitals and there are a few kinky themed items in it.

Honestly a great place to have fun with some fat stuff, as well just learning more about the game , not a lot of people on now, but everyone is nice and helpful^^


It’s an interesting server, but I think Vore or Yawn Wider code would be better for weight gain, as they have actual weight gain mechanics. I’ve actually edited the code for the latter so that there’s no limit on the rate at which your character gains weight so that people can get seriously obese without waiting hours and hours.

Addendum: A discord server would do nicely for this server, so we can all join when others are online. I’m willing to give mentorship to new players who want to learn the game. I’m not a professional (I can’t do circuitry, toxins labs, and other complex roles) but I can do just about anything else.

I’m interested, but I’m also utterly baffled. I’m looking at the station, but I have no idea what’s happening, or even how to set up a character. Is this a Dwarf Fortress in space?

Just made a new discord server for you people interested in the server.

Ask anything there and enjoy the station.

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Back in 2015 I actually made a normal WG system that included 3 different gain stages. I even made proper sprites and redrew like 10 or 15 clothes.
I am not sure that my old code will work with all these new space station 13 build branches, since it was based on an old vanilla tgstation build, but you surely can use my sprites. I ll try to find them old and send them to you.

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that would be pretty epic :sunglasses:

That would be really nice and sorry for replying so late ^^’.

This is epic. I’ll be sure to give it a look.