Gain Station 13 - A WG Space Station 13 server

just a little tiny note that a new update JUST happened, it adds a quantum pad to the feeder den so that access is easier and a few other nice things, like an update to the weight virus, anyways, hope to see you people in soon!

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How do I spawn as these feeder den and restaurant things?

In order for you to join in as part of the feeder den you need to first hope that RNG spawns and hope that nobody picked it before you. For you to join you need to go on observe mode and click on the ghost tab(which is situated on the top right of the screen.)
there you will find a clickable texts called spawners menu. (Can’t really look atm and hopefully I was able to help you out.)

This server rocks. I wish I could play this offline.

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Technically it is possible, just you won’t have fun because of the game being mostly being a multiplayer game.

Is it hard to learn how to play this game? Are there mentors??

We do have one mentor, yes. Jonypotato is a mentor. However If you need assistance with anything, in the discord (assuming you’re already verified) there should be a #mentorhelp and a #helpchannel which both serve a similar purpose, teaching players how to do things in game. A lot of players are usually willing to help as well. If you see Melony Eleventh walking around (that’s me!) I’m almost always willing to help.

Im not verified, but I wanna ato be sure about the game and the server before I join in it. Is it alright for me to ask things here?

You can also ask questions here

Ok I’ll stay here then, if you don’t mind

jesus christ, im so sorry that happened to you. im sure it wasnt one of the people in our staff, it was probably a patience-less player who didnt care much for your well being, its sad but sometimes people are like that. if you’d be willing to give the server a second chance and join in, i’d be glad to teach you all i know. please dont give up on our community based on that awful event.

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Hey hey, admin here. Sorry to hear you went through that - it is possible that it was someone just RPing out their character and didn’t know they’re interacting with a new person. But if it was out of character, then I can assure you we have quite a couple polite members who’d be glad to mentor or help with your issues!

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I dunno what happened but I hope everythings okay. I’ll personally kick the ass of any jerks! >:C

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Does the discord have a verification system? For people over 18?

Yes it does have one.

would be fun, if there was a threat level, where single player would just get fatter and fatter where hallways and areas are closed off because of his size and put the station at risk.


Does the server allow fetishes like slob, farts burps and scat? And other generally nasty things too…

yes! and in fact, im into those things myself. as are a few others in GS. but not all of them i assure you, most are into normal fats and feedings stuffs, if you’re worried about that.

The server allows those (Nothing gross or death shall be released upon you.>:( ) but please I prefer that you roleplay these scenarios in private as people aren’t always okay with your kinks and might get uncomfortable with such acts done in public areas of the station.

Note: This game might be difficult for some, so whenever trying something different, I suggest to look into what it is before you start playing. It’s always online and multiplayer, and if you can’t roleplay, this isn’t the game for you.

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