Gain Station 13 - A WG Space Station 13 server

yeah, ss13 is a game that works purely on multiplayer and roleplay, along with game mechanics too. however, its not really that hard to roleplay nor to learn how the basics of how the game works, and our staff team, even if small, is (almost) always free to help people out if they want to learn.

Oh, ofc. I would only do it in private

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Good, or else you would not be able to eat all the cake we have in store for newcomers!

I read about space station 13 having different “codes” but i didn’t understand that much, can someone explain it to me?

Basically, ss13 as a whole is sorta subdivided into the different servers that run their own separate version of the game. This means that the game plays differently depending on what server you join. For example, our server has different content to fulpstation, another ss13 server because we have different features that we have added to the game