Gain & Weigh (1.0.0)

I’ve just been enjoying your cute lil game. It was wonderful. Thank you for making it! I think this game is already complete…
But if you continue development, why not try adding another kind of food with different speeds? Just for increased difficulty and spice for gameplay.


Thanks a lot! I’ve been adding little things to it whenever I can, and that was one of the big things I want to add. Right now due to all the food being the same, the pattern rarely changes and it feels pretty repetitive. I’m with you on that, adding other kinds of foods with different heights and speeds would definitely make the gameplay a lot more interesting and fresh, as well as keeping players more on their toes!


Decided to tinker on this project some more, adding and improving a few things in 0.2.0! Some of these were suggestions from @Wulf_Diomhaireachd, @Parnash, and @dat_cave_Tokage, thanks to everyone again! ^w^

  • Fixed pan hitboxes
  • Food now slow down horizontally when nearing its ‘landing destination’, instead of coming to an instant stop as soon as it gets there.
  • Added the ability to pause the game, also works as a gameover screen.
  • Made base starting score 50 instead of 0, to resemble the actual current weight of the player.
  • Camera zooms out slightly every time the player ‘grows’ later in the game
  • Added two new foods as well as 1+ups
    • The egg and biscuit, same as all food, but with different movement patterns. The inclusion of these have made the game a little more difficult and interesting.
    • Hearts, gives an extra life if touched by your pan, they appear at the outermost edge when you reach certain scores

The game overall has gotten a bit more difficult, even to the point where I sometimes fumble here and there. There’s even times when the food ‘fall’ at the exact same time and it can be really hard to catch it all.

I have more fun playing with this increased difficulty, but I worry a little bit about if it might be too much for other players. I might end up having to make a separate EASY and HARD mode in the future, or something.

Overall, I feel like the game is much more fleshed out and is starting to feel like an actual game. Very happy with how it’s coming out, hope you all enjoy it too! <3


this was so cute!!! im so looking forward to anything else you make! your art is soooo adorable btw


Great game! Addictive. (you can also play it one handed and that is a plus) I’m not usually one for high score type games, but trying to get this cat as fat as possible is certainly enticing…


I’d love it if one of the weight stages was the icon for the next version.
Any plans for a game-B like chef had? (4 food pops up instead of 3)
…I also suck a lot, so I was wondering about any plans for an easy mode (call it game-C)

Thanks! (Hehe yeah, I had to make sure one handed play was a feature in this ;3c ) Yeah, high score type games are more fun when there’s a reward for trying to play well, I think having that constant goal of trying to get him as fat as possible helps with that.

YEAH!! I’m currently working on a customization menu system for the game right now, where you can change exactly how much of each food is in play, how many lives you have, etc. So then you could adjust the difficulty to your own liking.
There will also be more fun, goofy stuff to mess around with too. You can adjust your weight and height, apply effects like constant WG or growth, and have power-ups too.

I feel like it’s getting close to being completed, but I still gotta test everything and make some more art assets, but I feel like it’ll help the game a lot!


0.3.0 is out, with a whole new options menu that allows you to customize the game to your liking!! My friend suggested this and it really helped add a lot to the game, so thanks!!

I was debating on whether to make all the extra art and animation stuff I want to put in the game before releasing this build, but after adding a whole menu along side a bunch of new stuff like power-ups and blueberry mode, I wanted to make sure this was a step in the right direction before going further in. I figured it might be better to just get this out there and let people mess around with it, so I can figure out what needs tweaked and improved upon, before getting to deep in other stuff.

  • Added an options menu that appears before playing the game, this includes
    • Food sliders, to pick how much of each food item you want in play, can be turned off completely
    • Special sliders, to pick how much of each power-up you want in play, can be turned off completely
    • Adjustable weight, height, and lives
    • Two modes, a height growth mode and a blueberry mode
  • Power-ups
    • Macroom, temporarily makes you larger upon eating. Your player will have bigger hitboxes, allowing you to catch and juggle more food more easily.
    • Microom, temporarily makes you smaller upon eating. Food eaten will be worth more, but you become too small to use your pan, making it harder to catch food.
    • Bloatberry, temporarily makes you gain weight over time. A great way to rack up your score, just be careful not to eat too many at max weight…
  • Two modes
    • Overgrowth, gain a little height every time you eat food. It’s the same thing that happens after reaching max weight, but now constant.
    • Blueberry, constantly gaining weight, eating food actually makes you lose weight instead of gain. If you become too bloated, it’s an instant gameover, so hold on for as long as you can!

I’m a little worried if this menu may end up being a little overwhelming, and all the new stuff I added just ends up being way too chaotic, so I’d like to see what everyones thoughts are on it. If it ends up being too much, a may just end up having to make a GAME A and GAME B like the person above suggested, alongside the customization menu. For now though, I feel like this covers the most ground as far as adjustable difficulty and being able to add all the dumb gimmicky stuff goes.


Damn, hit the download quota, gonna have to wait till later to try

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Had fun trying out the different things you added. Blueberry is fun but its difficult to know when its the end, it felt i had a lot of time in the last size of the sprite before i got the gameover, same when using bloatberries. Maybe just adding some danger lines or something when you are really at the limit could help out.
Also went with a crazy all max up and then i noticed that the black on black of everything made it difficult to see what food i got and what i didnt, i know it goes a bit against the idea of the game and watch theme but color or another way to help it feel more distinct when passing trough the body could help out if going for more stuff in the future. Really fun update to expand more of this game and if you say you have even more cooking, then im excited for whats next.

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Cool! Yeah I was planning on adding some more sprites so that’s why it takes a bit towards the end once you hit max weight, I’ll keep that in mind.

Yeah sometimes I wondered about that, visibility and readability are definitely things I’m gonna pay more attention to in future projects. Although I probably can’t just straight up add color in, that did remind me of something, I accidentally made the sausage sprite a dark grey instead of black, and was too lazy to fix it.
This means when a sausage passes through the players black body, you can actually still see it due to it not being solid black. It’s still in the game. I might just make all the food items a lighter grey so you can see them a little easier when on black.


this shit rocks!!! i’m a heavy godot user, good to see more ppl adopting it. great art, great vibe

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Thanks!~ I literally just finished up a new version for it right now, so sorry for not getting that done sooner >w>

It should have a few more weights and endings, as well as just a few tweaks here and there.

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Took me a bit longer to finish this up, but I finally got it done! I am considering this version 1.0.0, since I feel like the game is pretty much done now and I am happy with where it is. Although there may not be anymore major updates, I do still plan on fixing bugs and making tweaks and improvements as long as I need to. So I’ll always be open to suggestions!

The major additions are mostly new art and animations, this includes in weight stages and a dozen unique game-over screens

1.0.0 Notes

Major Additions

  • Four new weight stages for the player, expand your fatty body even further! (These are not available on the weight slider in the options menu, you can only reach them in game)
  • Twelve unique game-over screens + plus an animated one, which one you get depends on the player conditions when you lose. See if you can get them all!
    • (I friend of mine and someone else on discord suggested adding a ‘meter’ or scale to each gameover screen, so thanks to them for the great idea!)
  • Lame ol’ title screen, woooo
  • Sound effects! It’s nothing but beeps and boops, but I feel like adds a little more to the game.

Smaller stuff

  • Both pan hitboxes become active if the player is fat enough, not requiring the player to flip anymore
  • Growth mode is constantly gradual instead of based on eating each food (The macro growth after reaching max weight is still food based)
  • The Bloatberry powerup cannot instant game-over you if you reach max weight anymore, now it just simply causes the player to gradually grow in height if active on max weight
  • Made it more obvious when you’re about to game-over in blueberry mode
  • Made food slightly visible when on top of anything black
  • You can play it in a browser on now
  • Attempted to give the .exe an icon?? I can check to see if it actually worked since I’m using linux but yeah, I know for sure the application icon when you have it launched works.
  • Other tweaks and fixes I can’t remember

Thank you everybody once again for all the support, I really appreciate it!! While this was originally just going to be a one-off, I’m really glad I went back and kept building upon it. This is the first time I’ve ever created a game like this, and it’s just really cool seeing a childhood dream of mine actually becoming a reality. <3


Would it be possible to make a “female character” edit myself? For the culture, of course.


lovely lovely work! So glad to see you finish this project! Keep up the great work!~

also, the exe icon DOES work on windows!

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Sure, I don’t mind! Do you think you’ll end up needing the project files or art assets?

Thanks! Awesome glad that works, I just wasn’t sure :+1:

deep breath very good. I enjoy.

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Congrats on a full release. Did a little cheeky and tried to game over right away with 0 points and still got a pudgy critter endscreen, was expecting skin and bones. Found other 5 or so screens so i still have a lot to do, is there any way to quit to the menu while in the middle of a run?

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Started playing the new update. The visuals were already fun and adorable, but MAN has it gotten EVEN BETTER. Definitely one of my favorites on the site, especially due to the highest weight stage (downright amazing). I was already looking forward to your future endeavors, but now I’m definitely gonna be hooked on whatever you’ll end up making next!

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