Galactic Bulge - The Space Based Expansion VN

Hey Everybody, Snakes here, with, in the immortal words of Ade Edmondson, Bloody Great News!

After delays, hiatuses, changes of staff, and overall everything that an inexperienced first time game dev can bumble their way into, we’re finally at a point where we’re selecting beta testers for the game.

Beta Testers will recieve an unfinished copy of the Calamari Update, and will be selected based on ability to bug test and propose solutions or additions. Writen scenes are sparse due to a lack of writers, so volunteer writers are still very much in high demand for the project.

Please join our discord server or message Doodlebug#4207 directly for Beta Testing status.
And we at the Commando Team thank you for your patience

Also! In an amazing news, with Permission from the amazing CrimsonLantern11, we’ve landed the most fabulous of our guest characters, Gira La Marrison, and we’re hoping to see a few more in our Wide and Wonderful Space Adventure


Invite to the GB discord server because I am total dumbass

Huh. Looks promising.

Thank you. I am beyond excited about this

Bumping to update the news of our new Guest Character