Galactic Gains is in Progress. (Also say hi to felix for me.)

This is going to be a mix of Modern Gains. Abducted. and that one game where you are a pilot of a spaceship I forgot.

This was requested by phoenix-felix. One of the most amazing people on the forum!

And you have to say the line phoenix… teehee.

So. If you are unfamiliar with phoenix. They are a commenter on the forums. Known for responding to twine games. Also known for sending people. “We will watch you career with great interest”
I’d call them a living meme on the forum. So its in dedication to Phoenix-Felix. Congrats on being cool.


Galactic games is about gaining weight in your space ship.
While having to maintain the ship you also can preform experiments to try research in weight gain. This will be coming to you eventually. Reminder to stay awesome felix.


This is a certified we will watch your career with great interest. moment.


Definitely interested.


As per instructions, Hello you beautiful provider of content. May your ladies be as stout as your fat wallet!


At this point, I’m considering putting my drawing tablet to use and talking only in images on this forum.


Hearting this, just for that cute pic of Niko.

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im excited for this! cant wait to play it

Asking for a little community help here. I’ve tasked myself with creating all the art of the MC, and, because I’m used to working on smaller sprites, I’m not confident in my ability to make proportions.

Colored Areas

Blue - Chest/Bust
Red - Belly
Green - Thighs
Yellow - Elbow and Knee Placement

Does everything seem more or less accurate?
(Just want to say that this is extremely barebones and made in minutes; I don’t want to work more on the sprite until I have the proportions down.)


Oh hey, that’s my game as inspiration :o
Best of luck to you on the game! Very excited to see what you can come up with!


I’m not sure if it is just me but the torso seems the slightest bit too small for the size of the other parts. It seems a little short and almost wide enough to match with everything else.

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Awesome. the legit creator replied… after almost a year shes back just to reply to me hehe


Abandoned (I can’t dedicate shit)

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