Galactic Gluttony: A Weight Gain Fetish Game

Ever thought, “Hey, I want a girl who gains weight while riding on a motorcycle?” I’m sure it happens often, and today’s your lucky day! Here’s a game that has exactly those things, plus aliens!

Galactic Gluttony is a game where Agent Red has to hide the existence of aliens by getting rid of their food they are dropping all over the place. But how does she get rid of the food, you ask? By eating it, of course!

With an endless desert to drive in, you must dodge the obstacles and eat as much food as you can! A gallery to view your favorite shapes and sizes, and achievements to keep track of your accomplishments, Galactic Gluttony can help overcome that hunger for weight gain/belly expansion/feederism passion! :slight_smile:

Out now on Itch! And coming soon to Steam!


Is there a set date for this to be released on Steam?

@Bioshock_God The current set date is April 25. (Unfortunately, Steam doesn’t allow a game to publish 2 weeks after the store page is displayed. :confused: Otherwise it would be out right now.)

Oh awesome, I will definitely buy this game whenever it is out. I loved the Fatrifice game you made so I will definitely give this one a try

@Bioshock_God Glad to hear you enjoyed Fatrifice :slight_smile: thank you so much! I tried my best to listen to all the feedback, and I hope you enjoy this game as much as the last, if not more! :grin:

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congrats on your new game cant wait to buy it on steam

@Pro_Master Thank you! :grin: Hope you enjoy it when it comes out!

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Galactic Gluttony has finally arrived on Steam! Hope you all enjoy! :drooling_face:


bought the game seem interesting need any idea come ask me anytime

@Pro_Master Thank you! I’ll definitely keep that in mind, coming up with ideas is hard sometimes :confused:

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