Game concept: Greedy Gremlin

Hi guys so I got an idea for text based weight gain game using quest.

Im new to the program so I need some time to understand it, if anyone has any helpful tips with the program all advanced would be helpful.

As for the game its called Greedy Gremlin. You play as a female goblin named Gremilla of shnooze-wood who wants to become the biggest gobbo in her tribe. In order to gain as much as she can she has to leave and search for a means of becoming bigger. The closest place she could think of is a human settlement of Light-Mourne.

It will be dangerous as humans are very supertitious and believe your people to be small demons yet your hungry and you always wanted to try the humans baked goods you hear the elders have talked about.

The idea of the game is that you will spend actions exploring the settlement (while not getting caught) as you learn about the place you can unlock places to go to doing actions cost energy that can be replenished through resting, you start with a certain fullness that expands when you digest certain amounts of food. Depending on the food and location it will be difficult to hide.

For example certain drinks and foods cause different temporary debuffs such as giving your goblin gass which can be a detriment when sneaking around for more food as Gremilla belches and alerts any nearby humans.

The goal is to escape, you can return back to the tribe at any time but each size will merit some form of praise from your village so eat up as much as you can while Gremilla can still walk.

I will be posting the demo and initial updates on my other account Bruuuu21Games so check it out and let me know what you guys think.


Love the concept, I wish you luck