Game genres/mechanics that you'd like to see someone attempt.

After some thought i’ve decided to change the topic to something more open. so let’s keep it brief.

there are many games on this forum, from RPG to Platformers. all good in their own way and each with their own visions and ideas.

this topic i want to ask the forum if there are any sort of game settings, mechanics, style, or any other things you like to see someone attempt. be it a small little thing or something that can drive an entire game. I’d like to discuss some ideas for people that may have trouble developing games that they’d like to see.

feel free to bring your idea to the table and let’s discuss it from there.


This is going to sound a bit harsh but it kinda sounds like you want someone to design a game for you based on broad prompts.


If it comes over as such then that is not my intention. I’ve been keeping an eye on this site for a while and i am fully aware of the many games that were presented here, but when it comes to making one myself I do not know the full process.

If I need to be more open overall and/or not limit things to just what I want to do myself then I’ll openly make that change. I just do not feel comfortable with making a game NSFW in any way. I would like to make a game anyone can enjoy, but I felt before I started I would at least try to set a good line for myself. If this is too limiting and too controlled then I’ll remove the restrictions but I’ll stand my ground on not making it NSFW.

The point of this topic isn’t per se to say: Hey, I want to make a game, here’s how I want to do it and that’s it. It’s an open inventation for feedback as well as avoid many pitfalls some developers fall into. ( I do care for what I want to make, but that doesn’t mean I know what is good for it overall during the stages of development)

yes I did say I can ignore ideas if I feel it doesn’t line up but I am still willing to hear them out. Even if it goes against my orginal idea. In the end the player comes first, and I am fine with bending/breaking my own rules if it means an overall better experience.

make something like fatty text adventure but it takes place in an open dwarf fortress like world

I’ll keep that in mind as a standalone idea, perhaps if i want to take a break from the main work i want to do. i am fine with doing things other than what i presented here. don’t just want to do something for myself. a text adventure with a setting like that gives a good practice to writing. i’ll consider it for the time being.

it’s hard to think of ideas when the only actual info you give about what you want the game to be is “animal focused”

giving a small update to this forum

after some time considering I have come to realise that this way of asking for feedback by design wasn’t a good idea. so i’m making the decision to discontinue this topic.

I will reinvent this topic into something way more open and way less restricted than just what I want to do.

going forward instead of asking for feedback on my idea i would like to hear from you any sort of games/ mechanincs you want to see being used. there is a bunch of varried games out there but there’s always untapped mechanics/ game genres that can inplement weight gain or inflation.

so from here forget my plans and feel free to tell me if there’s anything you would like anyone to attempt using weight gain or inflation.

to throw my idea out there to get a better idea:

A system to change sizes on the fly and using that to traverse the area. bigger sizes can break harder stuff and smaller sizes can allow you to fit in narrow spaces.

so instead of making this about my ideas what are some ideas you’d like to see implemented?