game idea: mechgirls kaijusmashers

ok, so i had a really dumb idea: giant mech girls, of various designs and sizes, gaining weight, to push kaiju girls out of the city

essentially you’d have 7 days to “improve” one or more mech girls via various training, equipment outfitting, and just feeding them copious amounts of food. on the last day, the kaiju would appear, and you’d go through turn based combat to defeat them by driving them back into the sea, sorta like:
(yes, it WOULD be a sumo battle, but imma be honest, i kinda hate the “sumo asthetic” for fat girls)

for the girls themselves, i’d honestly think a variety of styles would be nice. ranging from “girl with metal parts” to “cute robot girl”, with maybe some different cosmetics or color palettes

For acrual combat, i think a sort of “rock paper scissors” system would be neat. Taking turns between attacking and defending, and using a mild combination of stats to determin how well you overpower your opponent.

and that’s about it


I like the idea, except the fact of girls being “mech girls”.

well what about multiple characters some non mechs maybe for an idea

Like the entire idea is “big robot girls vs big monster girls”, i use the tem “mech”, but its mostly more of a naming thing, the girls arent piloted, theyre just extra big robot girls.

And like i said, the designs can WIDLY vary. You could have one girl that looks like she’d fit in a megaman girl, while another could look like an off brand gundam.

Edit: thinking about the name, maybe if it was “metalgirls kaiju smashers” instead?

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We all understood it from beginning. I just don’t like idea of girls being robots at all. Mutants (or just human being with some animal body parts) - that would be my theme. Anyway, the whole idea is good, the only problem is no one going to create such game :smiling_face_with_tear:

What about sentai superheroes against kaiju creatures (alongside your idea)? Like when danger is inminent, they transform or do something like Ultraman (or they summon a it) and they battle against these dangers. It could be neat.