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Have ideas for games but ain’t a programmer. This is for anyone who knows programming, I just have ideas/suggestions on what I think would be fun to play.

– Will update if I come up with anything else –

– Feel free to add your own ideas down in the comments. If it fits for this topic, I’ll add it here, but otherwise it might stay in the comment section –

This topic will mainly focus on female (these can be used for males too, but in general I play female focused games so yeah) weight gain, breast/ass/hourglass exp, inflation (mainly fat, water, slime), giantess, stuffing, rpg, furries, stuffing vore, clothing ripping from expanding, bigger than buildings, galactic big text-adventure

I’ll also include games, animation, etc. I’ve enjoyed for an idea/reverence of what I picture when thinking of these ideas

  1. The player finds a demon/vampire/furry/plant female trapped in their own castle (which is a prison for said character). The character makes a deal/places a curse on the player to help them get big enough (in weight and height) so they could break out of their prison by force. In return the character will spare the player and allow them to rule the world.

    • The player has to gather food/energy/other creatures, anything that will feed the character to fatten them up.
    • It would be a slow burn expansion at the beginning. The character would expand which will unlock different discussion topics the player can choose from.
    • End game would be that the character has enough power/fat in them that they can use it to take over the world and rule it like they always wanted, except with the player ruling beside them
    • I also like the idea of this having different endings (Bad, normal, good, great, etc)
  2. A younger dragoness sister is jealous of her older sister who is loved and praised by all the other dragons. The younger sister tends to be compared to her older sister a lot and questioned as to how she will contribute to the world. The younger dragoness comes across/or just discovers that the more weight she gains, the more everybody else around her starts to adore her, respect her, love her etc.
    Her goal is to show her sister (and everybody else) that she is better than her.
    The older dragoness sister pretty spoiled to say the least. the parents always spend more time with her, preparing her to become queen. She likes to put down her younger sister.
    Once she discover her younger sister is starting to get more attention than her, the older dragoness has to find a way to prevent that from happening. Maybe she discovers a spell, finds someone else to help her, make a deal with a witch, who knows?!


    • The younger sister finds ways of gaining weight. In general making herself bigger. Giantess, inflation, slime, water anything that will make her bigger and gain more followers/people that adore her.
      She would do so by completing quests, winning competitions, get better clothing
    • Older sister is bigger in a sense that she has big breasts and big butt. Maybe she expands more in those areas or finds ways to gain weight too?
    • Endings - One of the two sisters become so big that the other sister either accepts defeat of gets eaten by the other. If not, maybe the sister decides it would be more fun to play with these new found abilities. Expand the other sister for fun.
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  4. A slime girl that has the ability to expand her body whenever she consumes something or is near other slime/liquid, etc.

  • This slime girl has been asleep for thousands of years and has been put to sleep because she was really close to consuming/taking over the world, in the past. Somebody managed to defeat her by shrinking her and putting her to sleep.
  • Now that she has awoken, and sees she is in the smaller form she could be (Really skinny, short, no boobs, no ass)
  • Her mission is to regain her power and control over the world, but she needs to find way to get bigger and get more resource that’ll help her accomplish that.
  • I think it would be cool to have this as a clicker type of game? + Interactions with the slime girl and other people/creatures they come into contact.
  • Once you enter the feeding stage (where you’re clicking to get get to grow bigger/feed her) her getting bigger would be animated. Once she gets big enough, I think she could maybe try eating other people around her, too or fattening up others for herself to eat. She would fatten people up by kissing them, forcing down slime into their bodies or people just sucking on her boobs if they want to get sexual in some ways with her.

Games I like that inspire these ideas:

Videos/Animation I like that inspire these ideas:



So can we share our game ideas too because I have one

Yeah, go ahead!

I can add it in and give credits to you

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An RPGmaker/Gamemaker game that takes place in a genetics lab where something goes wrong and a lot of the experiments escape such as sentient jellies and jams. As well as genetic engineered food monsters. You play as a Catrobis, an alien race made by Rattiesteps, as she meets and saves other victims and tries to save the space station with some allies/new friends she makes like a friendly slime girl and a cow girl that serves as the healer with her milk. And gaining a lot of weight along the way.

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I think most of my suggestion will be where the player or characters in general will enjoy or want to gain/grow bigger as much as they can.