Game metrics data collection for game improvement

So in developing my game in private i have run into a wall for knowing how well i’m adjusting the npcs decision making values effectively, What it comes down to is needing vastly more data on how different values effect the how the npc behaves over a longer periods of time.

So that has led me down the path of considering an open beta, where i allow people to play the game, and i have the game collect data to report back statistic about the npcs and the play session to better tune the ai. Obviously informing the player and getting consent to collect this data.

Since this is the first time i have ever consider this type of approach, or considered collecting data. What are people ok with, and what is going to far, in your opinion?

When answering my own question, as a very private person, all personal data is off limits, game sessions need to be completely anonymous, with nothing identifying devices people use to play.


That’s pretty reasonable, most online games already collect data about in-game stuff for dev purposes already. It’s one of those things where it’s not being traced back to a specific person, just getting some gameplay metrics.


I personally wouldn’t have a problem with something like “this gameplay statistics came from yamhead”, like what are you gonna find out about me? “this guy spent an awful lot of time just staring at the fatties, he might have a fat fetish”.

as long as all the info is from the game and you are informed about it, I don’t really think anyone would really have an issue with it.