Game not loading / Progress bar stuck bug

I’ve had a number of reports that the game is not loading for some people. Particularly when played through the desktop download while it’ll work fine in the in-browser version. I cannot replicate this on my own computers nor my fiance’s so I have no reference on how to replicate it; all version load without a hitch on my front. The only thing I changed recently in the loader was the image it uses to create the loading bar; something which should not have any effect on the code or the loading process itself.

So I’m stumped.

I wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing this issue. So if the game doesn’t load for you, or does load in the browser but not on the desktop flash player please let me know. Likewise, if the game is working in both formats, let me know as well. Any info at this time would be helpful. Furthermore, if you’re one of the individuals who has this issue, please feel free to leave any technical specs you may find relevant (like the type of computer you use, version of flash player, browser, etc)

I’ll be looking into this and doing what I can, but at the moment I’m in the dark.

Well, my experience stems from trying to run it through Google Chrome on my locally downloaded file. The game, on it’s own will not load from the local file. It never does. However, if you right click the loading screen, and hit play, the game starts right up no problem. I don’t know if this is the bug people are talking about, but if it is, there’s an easy fix.

Chrome is my leading suspicion at the moment as I’ve read that a lot of the functions that preloading systems use get weird in Chrome. So that would make sense if people are trying to run it from the desktop through chrome (Elysium runs best in Firefox). As for running it on the desktop without opening it in a browser, you’d need to download flash player 9. But I don’t know if those players have depreciated or not, I have a slightly different player format that came with the flash program, so it may be different than just regular “downloaded from adobe” flash player.

Like I said, after manually telling flash to play it, Chrome works fine for Elysium- aside from extensive use of debug commands clogging the listvar list and slowing computations… but I attribute that to the unreal amounts of mucking around I do. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha, well it’s also probably also my terribly organized code and sprawling list of weird variables. lol