Game Planing for Break

Hello there!

I open this with the following question: What do you like more?
Now, what do I mean? I have an extended break for the next 1 to 3 month and thought that I could use it to program something fun. My problem is, that I have 2 ideas that I can not really combine. To make it easy fo me I choose to just ask here which of the two I should focus on.

Game idea A

In short: A platformer.

In long: I would mainly focus on the responsiveness of the Character and focus combat on Gumba-jummping and thrown objects (no close combat for player). Oponents would fall in two categories of either using food projectiles or close combat. Health would be one bar and be lowered from on side for damage and the other for food. I do not want health items so constant tickle regeneration it is. I am still unsure wether healed food damage should causes weight gain (permanent lowering of health bar - for the level).

The story: The game will play in a fantastical, if not nonsensical, world. That is because the game plays in the nightmare of the character (game over screen of them waking up heavier?). The dreams denziens are bent on subjugating them to make them fat. The only way out is going deeper into the dream.

Game idea B

In short: A stealth/puzzle/escape game

In long: You have to escape the level (not room) through finding the key and getting to the exit while avoiding the dangers. The compination of these thing results in the stealth/puzzle aspect. I am not yet sure wether real time or turn based would work better.

Story: The character gets kidnapped and finds themself in captivity. They learn that the kidnappers goal is not ransome them but to statisfy the kinks of their customers: To fatten someone up. For that goal they are fitted with a collar forcing them to eat any food getting close to them. Not taking it lying down they escape.

So opinions? Current goal is a female non-human player character.

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I like idea B, only since it sounds like it could be a different bend on something like pkniads prison and house of fat (Albeit would prefer playing the kidnappers).

Idea B sounds interesting, but I like the idea of a more surreal, Alice in Wonderland scenario of idea A just a bit more.

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May I suggest idea A, since you can add interesting mechanics since you are in a dream setting (perhaps including inflation or using other skills to work around the level). I would suggest making healing something unrelated to weight gain, unless you want to make it much more difficult as players would have to balance either losing and gaining a ton weight or suffer a tiny bit with the hope you can survive with the minor gain.

Three votes. Two for idea A. A platformer it will be!

I will try my best. I can already say that the visuals will not come close but trying to do that is bound to fail. Better try to come close.

My thought exactly towards healing. My best right now is the constant gradual healing. To make it relevant the difference in gameplay is right now the point score.

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