GameMaker studio 2 questions

Been getting into GameMaker studio 2, and I was thinking about starting to make a weight gain game. However, I only have a free license, so I came here to ask:

If I have a free GameMaker Studio 2 license, can I make free games? Like I make a game, can I post it as a free download here if I have a free GameMaker Studio 2 license.

If not, is there any other studio that is free and recommended?

(It should be noted that I do have rpg maker, just want to hear more alternatives)

You can technically share a game with a free license, but I think it’s only playable through opera gx, so that’s a pretty big limitation. I hear Godot is a decent alternative.


You used to able to compile a .exe with the free version. Has that changed?

(Edited) Oh wow, it has changed. Well, that’s doodoo.

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Yeah, they’ve made a few lame decisions lately. The no standalone files for free accounts kinda makes sense, but the change to having all licenses be subscription based was kinda shitty. At least they let anyone who bought one before they made the change keep their perpetual license.

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