Gameplay Discussion Thread (All Players)

After Kostromama mentioned it, I figured it was a good idea to get something like this, so this will be the discussion thread for all games currently running for Voracious! Share your experiences, chat about the game, and give others a little insight into what it’s like to play!

I will also be keeping a complete listing of the rulebook posted here, now complete with live updates!

[i][font=times new roman]For my experiances, I’ve been an improved Siren(the first of it’s song kind!), a Yuka Tree Dryad, a mutated and slightly mutilated cow, and now I’m a chocolate slime chef, hoping to snatch some ingredients to feed my friends! (Though, going to be honest, potential voracious characters are always swimming through my head, a couple of them re-creations of other characters, but I won’t spoil 'em. I’ll just keep them in character banks for future updates if need be.)

I LOVE Voracious, it’s my favorite Roll playing game(And I’ve played a few others, such as D&D, Shadow Run, and a couple home-brewed games with my dad, one of them being a Halo campaign), and I hope to continue to be able to contribute to this awesome game![/font][/i]

My current character is that of a feral, mute (Not really, he’s just shy) green dragon. The game started off with a mystery potion taking all of my gold, Thuvial nomming a few slimes.

Then something absurdly silly happened.

Alright, so we beat up a bunch of little demons, and Thuvial tried to eat one of the dead ones. Need a…40 somthing check? Can’t quite remember. Anyways, even with a 7d10, still a difficult roll, but you know, go big or go home.
8 1 4 8 3 1 2 - 27
So, not quite. Kinda expected this, so whatever. I go for a different one, gotta beat a 16.
1 3 1 1 4 1 4 - 15

IT was at this point I began to feel like Makoto Naegi and his Ultimate Bad Luck, because seriously, what the fuck. Luckily Masterful’s character came in with a bell rub and let me reroll one of the…four 1’s I rolled.

Things get silly, but things get stupid fun. Pretty soon I get to try out the new vore in combat rules, so wish me luck.

Well I have had a blast playing my Bee feeder chef, while I haven’t had a chance to make food yet, I have had an absolutely amazing time stuffing my friends with large amounts of food. When playing a feeder, it can be a little strange with not being a total glutton, but patience is a virtue and it really feels like it pays off when you get to shine and show off, even just a little for your party. It honestly is the most satisfying feelings I have had as a player when playing any tabletop games when you get to help your friends get to do something that they may not be able to properly achieve themselves, it is a selfless role and a bit of a hard one to play, you may feel the you are a bit of a background member for a time, but remember that when it comes to stuffing, you are the most valuable person there.

All the feeder traits are really strong and valuable, I think. Yawnstretch’s honeybee was really the MVP in our last session especially.

Before I reboot I was playing an itty-bitty mimic mage in a “Right Away, Senpai!” triangle…

This time around I’m playing a demon queen, which has been fun, but we’re not too far yet. Magic is still pretty straightforward, and will probably stay that way until weapon combat gets more love.

Anybody actually activate a surge yet?

Last session we had a very fun random encounter involving lootable crates and enemies with TF grenades. I was stressed out that the grenades were going to set off an explosive chain reaction, but the first one to actually explode transformed two party members into (non-anthropomorphic) chickens, and I started losing it. I can’t remember giggling so much at a tabletop game!