Games you wish had weight gain elements in?

I personally wish Sims free play had weight gain elements back and the Wario platformer games

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Most Wario Land games have weight gain except the first and Shake It. But, for me, I wish that elements of weight gain would appear in a possible, if currently nonexistant, MySims 2.

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Honestly, some of the stuffing games to be found here - even if it were based on various options. Also, basically anything else where the spam-consumption of food items is possible (and has a female playable character option, since I’m a lesbian, so playing as and seeing guys gain don’t do it for me).


Plenty that I can think of, mostly food as collectibles (Crash, anyone?). But one that really interested me a long while back was DK64, though it’s more just a stuffing idea than straight gain. And not anything changing with the gameplay either, just a short little scene at the end of all the Kongs having eaten all the bananas you got, size depending entirely on how many golden and regular bananas you got for each Kong. Probably wouldn’t count those fed to that hippo to unlock bosses, but there’s a glitch for avoiding that entirely, so it wouldn’t even matter.

I’d say basically any game that has either a food maintenance mechanic, or a food healing/buff mechanic. I would say BOTW immediately but apparently BOTW Link is 17 for some reason so, uh, OTHER EXAMPLES! Skyrim, Terraria maybe, Stardew Valley, maybe even Darkest Dungeon? idk I don’t play that many games, but for survival type games, it makes MORE logical sense to have characters be able to put on weight that it does for them to not be able to, cuz, y’know, storing body fat is a SURVIVAL trait!


Oxygen Not Included? No clue if you can mod this in, but it’s all about maintaining and developing a colony, so it would be great for a WG mod.

The game that i like with weight gain in it are RPG style where you can play a wizard girl that extract her powers from her weight. Something like Valecity but with more magic in it. Also simulation games are awesone with some girl in it

At least turning weight into mana would explain the yo-yo weight in Vale City. :upside_down_face:

I normally prefer permanence (with the option to do something to remove it, if you wish), so I’m super with the RPG suggestion - just maybe with something like 'being fatter gives you more max health and mana, but lower speed/evasion and dexterity. I like the idea of becoming a should-be-immobile planet of a person just changes things, but doesn’t give obvious (do this or be bad) benefits or serious (this is hard mode now) disadvantages. You know, like a warrior being an easy-to-hit tank, with lots of ability to use special moves (but maybe less basic attack accuracy), due to being fat. Or, a fat mage being mana battery that’s actually got the health to take some hits, but who will be taking hits and will probably not have the same passive mana regen (because fatigue) as smaller mages.

Of course, that’s only if you’re just adding it to something that works as something without weight gain already, or you’re trying to make sure people can choose to opt out of the gaining if they want to. Otherwise, letting weight gain be an option and an obvious goal is fine.

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Yes but I want the weight gain to be more than just one enemy using a ability that makes Wario gain weight like a weight gain system

Any games where theres a hot girl lmao


Three Houses already lets you have little dinner dates, so adding some fat in there sounds alright to me.

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Adventure games like the Phoenix Wright series an Ghost Trick feature some nice references to eating but no chub, sadly.

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Oh my god where do I begin
First of all, there is Don’t Starve. Absolute unit of a candidate for a weight gain system to be implemented in it, specially the non multiplayer version since the expansions are like playing an entire different game. I am aware of the wakako mod, but it crashes quite often for me (mostly since I press CTRL + F to auto-target a lot).

I personally feel like Borderlands it’s absolutely unbereable and boring, and every character is stupidly skinny too. At this point I’m not asking for a WG system, but just fatter characters now.

Pit People
Basically same combat and style but with vore. I am aware of the “vore war” game but I personally feel like that game is overly complicated for no reason at all.

Admittedly, speaking as someone who likes the Borderlands games…why would you want fat or weight gain content in a series it sounds like you wouldn’t enjoy, even if it was there?

That aside, now I feel like I need to look into the Don’t Starve expansions, as well as find out what this “vore war” game is, and why it’s so “overly complicated.”

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I have mixed feelings with the Borderlands series. I always feel like I’m playing a game on alpha, since the only interesting thing about it is “wow loot” over and over again. I am mainly interested by the story, but doing secondary missions and playing normally makes me kinda drowsy. I’m up to a new mechanic in the borderlands series, rather than just WG.

The Vore War game can be found in Eka’s Portal, aka the vore forum.
Not sure if I’m allowed to link it, but judging by how linking loverslab is accepted, I will assume it is. That being said, here is the Vore War game link.

The reason why I say it’s overly complicated is because it’s kind of an strategy game right, and like every strategy game I played, the tutorial is not enough for the mechanics that are shown ingame, and the game looks like this

There is a full explanation of absolutely everything in the main menu – but that’s the main menu. First of all, It requires you to: find the save button - which by now, I have convinced myself it straight up does not exist anywhere, althought the existance of it is mentioned in the menu - leave your run (which if you don’t know where the save button is, it’s basically restarting just to check how X works.

It feels like a fun game but I don’t feel like I have enough IQ to enjoy it, and as a non-native-english speaker, it feels kinda overwhelming aswell. At least for now.

While I was writing this I found out the latest update was less than a week ago, and that it was 10 versions above the one that I have downloaded right now, which lowkey surprises me since I found this game less than a month ago and apparently it’s been up since 2018.

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Thank you for the info. Here’s hoping they added the save to the game in those updates. I’ll check it out.

Your handle of the English language is very impressive (this is coming from someone with a degree in English, who is also a native speaker). I don’t just mean that from a ‘for someone who’s not a native speaker’ point of view. That said, the more seldom-used vocabulary and grammar is always the biggest issue in the later stages of language learning, so I completely understand having a hard time.

As for Borderlands…it would be nice to see more interesting writing go into the side quests and the like. But, I suppose most have come to expect how it currently is - especially from a “looter shooter.” Most people who pick up the sort of game are in it for the normal ‘oooh, a piece of candy’ reward system in most games, with the condition that such pieces of candy are things that help you kill other things better.


Y-Yeah I don’t really want to turn this post into a discussion about how shooter looters go against my game design choices and why I don’t enjoy them, since it’s just my taste, but I really wish there was something else in the game other than just shooter looter, which is kind of dumb, since it’s literally asking for an entire different game with an entire different genre and style.

I appreciate the compliment on my english tho lmao

Well, then how about this, to keep with the thread? Broaderlands: where at least half the drops are just food, with the expected results of consumption, instead of the half of the ‘bajilliondy’ (don’t worry, it’s definitely not a real word :stuck_out_tongue: ) guns they’d replace?

Now there’s a thought; probably food enough to eventually keep the playable characters from being able to fit into their vehicles, move, or even fit through the entrances into towns and settlements…


Cyberpunk 2077 is entirely based on corporations taking over at some point like 40 years ago at least and there is not hypnotic ads for addictive fast food and an extensive obesity epidemic?

Also, being able to choose dick size (regardless of gender) but not being able to add a few pounds? Just ridiculous.


Aye, the dream of V being a tubby netrunner / techie who has drones do all the wetwork from the comfort of her couch is sadly just that - a flight of fancy.

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