Garden of gluttony

A scrapped twine project I made, I figured there’s enough for a game here. If you guys like it enough I might pick up working on it again.

Garden of gluttony (125.0 KB) NEW


By the way if you have any suggestions or feedback or anything let me know!

It’s functional. Now it just needs content.


It could use some reactions to the player character’s gain. Syed and the fairies come to mind.
I don’t know if it’s already there, but a “you’ve hit max weight” / “no more new scenes” message is usually a good thing if the game doesn’t have a real ending.


I tried to burst myself or take some damage. After I meet stuffing vines, I have this, no any damage or consequences, there was no hunger stage. Is that how it suppose to work?

For the time being, there isn’t anything that can damage your health, and for hunger I’m pretty sure you just went past bursting. I may make a little update to fix these things

Finally got around to making an update

Hunger shouldn’t overflow
Added content to Syed’s encounters
Added 2 enemy encounters
Added ending for immobility
Added option to respawn or restart after death

Let me know of any problems you have. Plus any suggestions


Endings are good, and as I noticed, not only about weight gain. Will there be more endings? Will they based on other fetishes or events?

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I don’t really have any more plans for it, But I’m open to taking suggestions for stuff

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to at least get the typical out of the way
why not specific growths as it were
humonguous Cherries for chest focused weight gain
orbular Oranges for Belly focused weight gain
plump pears for rear weight gain
Avaricious apples for hunger and intelligence

and for some contaminated baked goods or similar with more exotic effects possibly offered by the faerys
a sponge cake to cause thirst or the protagonist to inadvertantly becoming a water balloon of sorts
a light and airy bread or candy for airy effects such as breaking wind or filling with air
various fruits for fruit expansions either in one go or overtime with an addiction effect
with wanton glutoony in one sitting causing uber inflation esque growth
and whatever else tickles your fancy

hopefully this hounds premptive spitballing of ideas helps you in one capacity or another, figured these be the sort of ideas some folks may want to see but who knows
and ultimately its a lovely little game good sir, hope to see it bloom my fellow

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I’d have to redo the weight system to do the specific weight gain thing, but I’ve been working on another project that will have that. I could do some inflation stuff for the fairies and I like the addiction idea. I’m glad you like my little game : )

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it’s a pleasant one, do as you will my friend
and I hope to see your other project in the future, I stated what I did to voice the thoughts I figured others here would have
this hound will however admit to liking pears as it were, so you have hooked me my friend
(winks then chuckles in humor)

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Suggestions about endings: 1) If the cultist wins, he drags you to his guys and there they use poison to turn you into a huge pile of fat. Or he (the same cultist) makes you so fat (it may be that you got fat even before that) that either he can’t drag you after his victory and you can just leave (he still won’t be able to drag you to his own). Or already during the fight you become immobile, then he leaves and returns with the group, then everything will be as in the first case.
2) If you become immobile while being fed by fairies, they use you as an oven during the winter.
3) If you become immobile while feeding from a plant, it uses you as an incubator. I have the details, but I will give them out only upon request, because this is already a pregnancy or scat fetish.