Gauging Interest for a Space Station 13 Server

Doing as the title suggests, gauging interest for a possible SS13 server. I have no idea if there is any overlap between this fourm and any SS13 groups, so I figured I’d do this to see.

I’m not talented in any BYOND coding but I could learn how If given time. Life’s been rushing me down as of late so I can’t make any promises.

We can also discuss ideas for the server here. Feel free to suggest and discuss ideas below.


I used to play a lot of SS13. I’ll return if a server from here was made (and populated)

I would also be interested in trying that out, I have heard about the game before but never tried it.

I’d love to join the server, as long as it’s private so people don’t spam or mess things up.

If need be we can use the /TG/ code since it is open source

I have been thinking about code bases we could use. Either of Citadel’s branches are probably the best place to start, considering how they already have a lot of vore/erp stuff. Adding other belly stuff to that could work out well.

idk about like, weight gain or bbw stuff, but i’m a baystation/tg vet who can get an engine running in a couple of minutes

I played a bit of paradise and they do have a fat sprite for some races on there. So it is possible to do

I’m down also excited

Tbh, from what I heard, it’s a pain in the ass to create staged sprites for characters in BYOND. Just having to sprite each individual clothing item to be fatty and other stages of fatness sounds like hell. Then ya gotta account for alien races. I would love to see a fetish server beyond Virgo or Cit to play on, preferably one centered around weight gain.

As someone who played spess for like 3 years and helped sprite a few things, yes the game is a bit of a nightmare to code (I don’t know how to code but I’ve talkes with coders) and can be akward to sprite. That said it is extremely flexible once you can figure things out and there’s several existing databases to pull from. I know vorestation has some very nice descriptions for over eating and vore, though sprites do not have means to reflect this outside of some exceptions.

A suggestion if someone could figure it out would making a more robust paper doll system (currently clothes are overlaid on your base sprite) so you can have body type variants and possibly a higher resolution sprite if you want to get more detailed.

Good luck to any of you who want to undertake this.

I know there’s a lot of fans of weight gain on VORE Station (I’ll give you one guess to say what that place’s main caveat is) but that place also has a lot of furry stuff and vore obviously. Although it is not exclusively for either of those things- it’s perfectly possible to just play for the weight gain aspect which is implemented and only really play as a human, though avoiding interacting with non-humans is difficult. There aren’t fatsprites implemented but there is flavor text, just thought I’d bring this up since I know there is a decent overlap for this place.

There is a server i found which does the flavour text thing for weight gain
Enter that into the hub identifier

I made a server called Gain station 13 a while back, don’t worry people still join it ^^’.