Gdevelop beginner tutorials

Hey, guys. I compiled a doc with some basic vids, playlists, and resources to learn GDevelop if anyone wanna make games there!

Gdevelop Roadmap (1).pdf (292.3 KB)

This was meant for beginners and people that are lost and don’t know how to start with GDevelop. I really recommend this engine since it’s pretty easy to get into, has no coding, and it’s fairly decent! Oh, and it’s free!

Download: Download | GDevelop

(No, I wasn’t paid to promote this. I just really enjoyed and thought yall would too)

((And I just want more fat games :} ))


Might think about it

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Nice job there! I’m glad you’re having fun with it so far!

And yeah, I kind of agree that maybe for more complicated things it might get tricky since I don’t know how good Gdevelop can handle crazy stuff, but it’s great for most casual devs.

I’m pretty excited to see what yall guys get to make with this!