General thoughts about weight gain....

Hello, I am Horbsch, male and 19 years old.
I am not new to this community nor to this kink/fetish. Still I have a few questions about it as a whole…
I would like to hear some opinions about your personal experiences in life with handling to have this kink.
I am fantasising about weight gain and ppl(in my case women) gaining weight ever since I am in 3rd grade… I cant even describe what exactly I am into in this topic. I am not a native speaker either so I am currently struggling to find the right words… I am interested about you guys, how do you feel about having this kink? Its just fanatsy and it is great to have a fantasy and to know what you are into does surely help to fullfill your needs, but still most of our fetishes are far away from reality and still they are real. I personally am not even interested in sex, the reasons for this are deep into my psychological disorder, because I sense a slight form of asperger for myself. How do you guys handle your fantasys never becoming real? How do you guys feel about this at all? Maybe some of you guys are/feel the same like I am… I know this post is not about gaming but I dont know where else I should ask those questions and search for help…
Let me know your way of dealing with your fantasies in real life and how do you feel about havibg this fetish in general… I would love to hear some opinions of ppl being here with the same interests as me without judging me for having those.
Greetings Horbsch.

Hello, Horbsch!
Tbh, I’ve never really talked to anyone about personal experiences with this kind of stuff. But hopefully I can offer some sort of perspective on how I have handled this fetish over my life.
So, to start I suppose I should state that I have both an inflation fetish, as well as fat/weight gain kink. I’ve found that those kinda go hand in hand rather often. In my personal view of things… I’m not actually attracted to larger women irl, nor do I have any actiual desire to fatten or inflate anyone. I just look at pictures, watch videos, play games, etc. Have I fantasized about such things? Absolutely. But, unfortunately, it’s unrealistic, and thus, must be relegated to stuff like media. Maybe one day VR will become so advanced that we can live out our fantasies however we want. I both eagerly await, and yet fear, that day…
As for how I feel about having this kink? Personally, I’m indifferent. It can be kind of odd at times to have (I can never watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the same way ever again). Personally, I haven’t let anyone know about this fetish in my personal life. My family found out about it shortly before I moved out, and they were rather indifferent about it, choosing to take an “I don’t care, just keep it away from me.” approach. They are the only ones who know of these kinks. Not even my significant other knows about this, which is for the best in my personal situation. It can be a pain trying to keep it hidden, but hey, Ya do what ya gotta do, I guess.
Lastly, as for our fantasies never becoming real? I’m honestly not TOO bothered by that at this very moment. That’s why I came here though. As someone who plays games A LOT, I feel that sites like this are a great way to live out those fantasies in a digital realm. Games, Roleplay, and other means are a great way to keep these fantasies in check. There is a lot of talent in this community, and others like it, so there is no shortage of media and content floating around.
Hope this all makes sense, as this is kinda just a 2am rant/dump post, and provided another look at this kind of stuff. All I can say is that having a kink like this certainly isn’t a bad thing, and can be pretty cool and fun at times, so long as you don’t let it consume you, or get you in any trouble.

It’s less kink or fetish but a different view on beauty
Besides a very differently wired brain its further skewed by my own bodies pickiness in what it likes, add extreme nearsightedness that requires glasses thick as a finger top to bottom and physical appearances start to not matter much when in comparison to your other senses such as my sense of touch which sparked by a realization later lead me to this community on accident as I’m doing my daily internet rummaging
To me fat itself is not beautiful but the softness it provides is, like a lovely pillow though I prioritised personality before beauty standards for my relations


My personal thoughts about weight gain myself is really complicated to a degree.

I do like to see weight on those i find attractive as i really do not like people on the slimmer side of things due to how unhealthy slim some actual working models so i do prefer those on the heavier side as for myself have been a bit on and off about piling on the pounds myself.

My reasons for trying to gain weight:

  • Getting tired of just Public Self image and standards set by the world
  • have a personal interest of letting myself go and get larger just experience life as a bigger person
  • and to i guess learn more about myself, i tend to be shy even with a mental condition so i have a hard time talking to others

The reasons that have put me off of gaining:

  • The Obvious Health risks (No surprise their)
  • My family reaction
  • surprising a bit self conscious despite being tired of self image standards (My double edged sword! grr!)

Thanks for those comments…
They really helped me to fit it into a context which works in real life…
Also it kinda helped me to not see the bad things only but look at it as an odd but not destructive part of my personality and so I can get along with it easily as it is a part of me…
It was very interesting to hear different opinions about this at all and see the different approaches and also role of weight gain in ones personal life…
Thank you for being honest and open with a rather personal question!

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Anytime. Hope they really helped out!

It’s difficult to put into words. I don’t really consider it so much a kink as a preference, since the former implies some kind of deviancy. I’ve just always preferred women with a particular body type (plus-sized, to use the ‘safer’ way of saying it), even though the obvious risks (health and mobility) exist in the real world, as you mentioned. There’s also the fact that people tend to stigmatize the matter, making it more frustrating. In works of fiction, it’s easier, since restrictions that exist in the real world can be completely ignored, depending on your own personal mentality. If I could find a woman who was willing to obtain/maintain the kind of figure I/we found ideal…Well, it would certainly help the relationship. But only if it was of her own accord. I wouldn’t want to force my desires on someone, if it affected them so directly. Apologies for the long post; it’s just hard to keep things brief, for me.

I have the preference SSBBW.
My fetish is to love also the weight gain on them.

All my personality is built around that and I am very proud of it.

In my free time I always looking for roleplay and if it include these part it’s always positive for me.

I myself also have the SSBBW preference, as well as BBW and USSBBW.