General Update on Funding

Good day everyone,

I do not normally like to talk about this but a change in my personal situation dictates that I should discuss it so the community is in the loop.

As many of you may know Weight Gaming is not a very cheap endeavor. Between the site, jam, projects, support, and other things our yearly operating cost is around $12,000-14,000 USD a year. Due to out generous patreons about $2,000 USD is covered but that still leave $10,000-12,000 a year both @kilif and I have to cover out of pocket with 90% of it being covered by myself.

Along with this the company I currently work for was acquired right after the covid pandemic started. While I was able to keep my job through the transition the working conditions quickly started to degrade once we where acquired. I plan on going into more details in the post mortem we have planned for the jam but in general we where expected to do more and more work with only a 1/10th of our original manpower.

Unfortunately, this strain finally broke our team and devs have been leaving on mass, myself included.

The bad part of this is two fold:

  1. Like many of the other devs I do not have another job lined up. This means I will be unemployed until I can find a new job

  2. Once I do have a job it will be starting for scratch all over again with usually a 3-6 month probationary period

This means my income will be in an unstable state for quite some time. Due to that we have to tighten our belt some since I can not shoulder the expenses like I used to. Luckily the the ads are doing well and between them and our generous patreons we will be able to cover most of our basic expenses, but we are putting an indefinite hold on our internal projects and may have to slow the rollout of the main site.

I do want to note and emphasize this will not affect the forums nor impact the reward for the Gain Jam but that we are going to be forced to reorganize a bit until my financial situation stabilizes. I am sorry for the inconvenience.


Oh man, I’m so sorry to hear about your work situation!! I wish you the best of luck on getting back less-chaos with your new job, once you’ve secured it.

Thanks for keeping us in the loop, too, and for your hard work keeping this place running. It’s not fair what happened with your old job, especially with the shitty circumstances the new company put you all through.

Stay strong, Grot. We’re here for ya!


That’s horrible news I hope you can get in a better financial situation as soon as possible. Covid just seems to change most things for worse, my dad even had the company he worked for as a company logo designer change to sell bottles of hand sanitizers for a while.


You’re doing the right thing!
I’d love to see (and will obviously be hoping for) this place keep going and growing but ultimately you can’t prioritize it above your mental health/ dignity/ work satisfaction etc.
Whatever happens it’s been a great and valuable resource and a wonderful community’s sprung out of it. Best of luck doing what you need to do!


I hope your situation becomes better. This site is really good. Don’t want to see it go dark in some areas.

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I didn’t realize it costed tens of thousands of dollars to keep this website going. I hope you can solve these financial issues soon.