German furry weight gain

i´m creating a weight gain game in German, this whole game is in hamburg, when i have little more progress i post the link here


That sounds interesting, I do find local flavour adds a lot to a game. I’ve never been to Hamburg, work always seemed to take me to München. However, my German is worse than my French, so I may find it a struggle to play. What kind of game is it?

It’s a bit like Worshippers of the Gain. And I try to make it “realistic” cause I use pictures of hamburg, like airport. And the hotel is a hotel that really exists in Hamburg and so on, cause I live near Hamburg and I know how it is there
And when I finished the first demo I’ll try to make it in English.

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Hey, I think I could help you translate the game into English, so it would be easier for the others to play (for free of course)!
Message me if you’re interested, ok?

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