Getting a weapon

So, I’ve managed to get through the kobold sidequest without causing a massacre, but now I’m having a problem when it comes to finding the metal required for the weapon. You can search the cauldron for it, but when I search the cauldron, I keep becoming part-kobold when I want to stay human. How am I supposed to deal with this?

you want the ladle. take the ladle.

There are two other pieces of metal besides the ladle. One you’ve already been past. The other was two moves away from your starting location.

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How do you take the ladle?

The ladle chained to the cauldron you cannot take (it’s chained to the cauldron). The ladle that fell in earlier (and is the reason the current one is chained up), can only be had by searching the cauldron (and suffering, or embracing) the consequences.

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though thinking about it. your should be able to fish out the dropped ladle with the chained on. at least enough of it to grab

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