Getting questions and feedback for future survey about game and fetish preferences

I the 2 7th I didn’t get the phrase “games moment to moment gameplay decisions”. The keyword “pacing” still does not make it clear for me. I just cannot wrap my head around it, maybe because English is not my first language.

2-4 14th: yeah, I see your point, but you could ask them to distribute gains in a way that they would like the most.

In the reference images I just can’t rate them adequately. I think it’s easier with hourglass figure to decide how much do I like it.
If you’re willing to address it you could render something with, although I expect it to be too much trouble. I’m pretty sure it would be OK, to just use the BMI graphic for the lower range.
Also, it would probably be easier to rate if you’d used exponential growth scale, with factor f, for which 1 < f < 1.4, probably closer to 1. Otherwise, constant value changes are pretty much invisible on the bigger side and too big on the slimmer.

The last one in the edit with sidenote (only some know) I didn’t get at all.

I guess you could say pacing is how stressful the game is in a way. for example in a fps you are required to do a lot of split second decisions (fast paced) and in a jrpg you have an infinite amount of time to do your decisions (slow paced)

I don’t think a distribute gains question would work because you can’t (I think) limit how many total “points” you can give in a multiple choice question. how the data is presented (bar graphs) also makes it strange to read and only I can see how one individual voted

I don’t want to learn a new 3D program just for this (or make a new model) but if someone is willing to make something with makehuman or something I can add it in. I am ok with having extra reference images if you believe it to be necessary. but I don’t think the BMI graphic would be adequate for both a chubby and slightly chubby body. I think it goes from underweight to normal to chubby to fat.

I don’t need to feature every picture it was mostly so we had a lot to pick from so it would be more accurate to what people think is what level of fatness.

yeah I should rephrase that in someway, maybe just cheating? I was mostly thinking of a character that is dating multiple other characters and cheating doesn’t realy make me think of that

also the survey will say how many people took it and how many answered a specific question. on the rating questions you will have to add the total of the answers together yourself though

OK, I think I understand now the “pacing” thing. I actually thought about it, as being part of the game difficulty. Maybe you could splt the question in planning and reflex difficulty, then?

Well, if distribution does not work, maybe make a question rating different body shapes? (female body shape)

Separate images for chubby girls would be perfect.

I consider “cheating” to be a good word to describe it.

what’s the point in asking what continent you’re from

It was because I was not sure if write in responses are presented in a graph or not so we could at least see something easily (and I was not going to write in every country manually). but now that I have some more experience with this I can make a drop-down list of all countries instead.

I have done some updates to the survey
my plan is to post it in a week so if you want some question in it, rephrase a question or whatever let me know. after I post it I can’t do any edits to it without losing peoples answers.

Definitely run it through a spell checker first!

is there something you saw or just general advise?

DM sent to you and now I must wibble so I can say that.

updated now featuring less spelling errors

personally. I am for both EXTREME sizes but no matter the size I love the gain itself. I love actually seeing a character gain the weight even if it goes to the normal immobile level. though I think part of this is. well I can claim with full truth to be Asexual and still have my fetishes mostly because I have zero interest in my fetishes being real so I tend for the unrealistic extreme (like building to planet sizes if possible.) I am not for slob or other things like that. scat or things like that. I am more for Female weight gain over male and don’t mind playing the feeder/feede. neutral on vore. not really for it alone but as a part of weight gain its cool. I cool with any mediams being pure text or art but if it has art I prefer a more animated look over realistic

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Heeey, fellow ace! hi fives

I definitely enjoy this for the same reason, I’m not super into planet size but I do enjoy it when it isn’t super realistic and I can enjoy seeing the size and the damage to the environment, if that makes sense.

I appreciate the answers but this thread is for input on the survey so it is as good as possible when I release it.

OK, I’ve read the entire thing.

In the 5th question in 4-1 I’m not sure when you say “bigger steps” do you actually mean fewer or more steps.

I mean that if a character is at a fat level of picture 1 then the next fat level would be fatter than picture 8. there are always 5 steps/fat levels

I did my final look through and decided to change the 5th question on the How serious the story/fetish content is from Played straight faced to Completely serious. I’m not sure if it is completely clear what I mean with serious fetish content.

I also couldn’t think of a better way to put the 5th question on 4-1 @n_dimensions asked about earlier

other than that I feel satisfied with the survey the way it is. if you think something is missing or should be changed please let me know before I post the survey on Tuesday. because I can’t change a question later without losing all the previous answers to that question

That is a seriously indepth survey, lol. Are all the questions a “rank from fav to least”, or just when it says?

just when it says

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With regards to the bit about the Persona series…I just thought of something. It differs from your idea, though, in that it wouldn’t necessarily be the protagonist, but one of the characters they established a Social Link with, maybe someone they can end up dating. The idea is that, in the weight gain vein, they can give gifts and go out to eat together, so that their desired partner will get bigger and it’ll affect their relationship (for example, the dialogue option to encourage her-I’m only interested in females-to keep gaining would be some cliché like, “I’d love to see more of you” or “It’s always good to see you around”, etc. Yes, I know those sound like really dumb lines you’d hear in a rom/com or something, but I’m not trying to sound realistic. Besides, the games have a bit of a sense of humor to them. If the protag was the target, it’d be interesting to see a continuation of the restaurant ‘challenge’ (Persona 4 had the Aiya Diner’s Beef Bowl Challenge-which I think can only be done when it’s raining-and 5 had the thing at BigBangBurger where you could eat an increasingly massive burger, named after some celestial body, and, punnily, get a stat increase to Guts (I’m fairly sure that was a localization joke)) and have the character’s appearance change based on how severely bloated they were, and/or their potential gain from eating so much.

For me, as long as a character’s privates are covered (swimsuit-like coverage) and cleavage/buttockage isn’t ridiculous or anything, I don’t think it’d be too bad. Midriff-baring is always a plus (see RWBY Volume 4 for example-Blake’s is shown, and it’s not the slightest bit risqué. Not to mention she’s my favorite of the core 4.). I imagine the character would gradually outgrow their clothes, so if they got ‘too big for this outfit’ without it getting shredded as they grew, that’s a smart move to avoid going toward the ‘porn’ end of the scale.