Getting questions and feedback for future survey about game and fetish preferences

I have been wondering what type of games people want, what they like/dislike, what is important and so on. I found some old surveys here but little to no results from them and I found them not answering/asking my questions. so I was thinking of making one with all answers being public (to everyone with a link) so people can see the results no matter if I publish something official or not.

I plan on having all questions being optional (to limit people giving up, giving half assed answers or skewing results in things they might not care about) and have a space to elaborate answers

but before I make it I thought I should ask what everyone else would like to know. and get some general input, like how long it should be or options on multiple choice answers

edit: here is some pictures of how the survey looks right now v3

edit: the survey is done and can be found here


I’m just some guy that enjoys larger women, nothing really special.

My game preference in terms of genre (for this fetish) would have to be some kind of role playing game with a heavy focus on dialogue and player choice, combat wouldn’t necessarily be that important to me.
I find that RPGs and visual novels are some of the better candidates for this fetish due to how you can get around the more detrimental elements of weight gain. I’ve said it before in a different thread, but I personally think the “slice of life” half of the modern persona games would be a good mix for this fetish in particular, due to them still requiring at least some degree of character planning (in terms of stats), the time limit (use of what to do with the day), and the dialogue focus (which if made a focus of the game, could be very robust with the amount of variables that can be taken into account. Things like: current weight level, weight level the last time you did an activity/spent time with someone, how fast weight is being changed etc.)

As for my fetishes, I’m fairly vanilla. I like weight gain in pretty much all contexts. My personal favorite is unintentional weight gain, where it just happens due to poor diet and lack of exercise (whether due to drive or limited time) with no intentional input from the character (at least in the context of the story, since I’d naturally be trying to make a game character gain weight). I do still like things like stuffing, force feeding (in fantasy) and intentional weight gain a lot though, it’s just that unintentional is my favorite. Things I don’t like are vore and the “slob” archetype characters.

Edit: Whops, I guess I jumped the gun there with my answer.


this tread isn’t the survey but rather what people would like to know from it (so we get some statistics). I appreciate the answer though

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I would say a question about the pacing of the weight gain is an important design question. Things like gradual vs. quick vs. starting out fat, whether fluctuations up and down in weight are preferred, and desired difficulty solely in gaining (which might be a secondary objective in some games).

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I have been working a bit on the survey a bit and I struggle a with these two questions

weight gaining difficulty question
I would like it to be more concrete than just saying easy/hard

the level of lewdness
what would be a good mid point to have between: could be mistaken for a normal game and graphic porn?

for weight gain difficulty it could be broken into:
Same as game difficulty (main objective is to gain).
Gain happens alongside normal game play, but bonus gain is possible.
Weight gain must intentionally be sought out separately from the main game objective.

For lewdness an intermediate level could be general nudity without actual sex.

Good thing, that someone is interested in creating the long-needed survey.

Although the website is clearly created for games centrated around WG, there are many kind-of-related fetishes on the website and not everybody is into every fetish.
I’d love to see questions in the survey that ask about which fetishes do people look forward to and which they would like to be able to skip/disable. The game author could than give options like “Could you swallow me, please?”, obviously leading to vore content, and “See you tomorrow” to skip.

Fetishes that I think should be included:

  • gaining to obesity
  • belly stuffing
  • bloating
  • inflating
  • force-feeding
  • violent force-feeding
  • humilation
  • vore
  • human vore
  • … (there surely are more)

Since gaining is such a big topic on this website, there definitively should be questions like:

  • how much is too much
  • gaining speed (as mentioned by other comments)
  • … (I’ll edit this as soon as I remember)

It could also be nice to have more general questions like:

  • imersy vs breaking the fourth wall

That survey looks good, it’s kinda hard to come up with other questions.

Some might be repeats, but the best I’ve got are:

  • Write-ins for other fetishes the surveygoer is interested in, just a text box for people to write in whatever obscure kinks they like.
  • A question asking what kinks (among a list) are absolute turn-offs. (Mine personally are slob, excessive stretch marks, and excessive fat rolls, for example.)
  • Favorite kink game write-in(s).
  • Sexy content in bad ends vs. sexy content AS the content.
  • RPG Maker games, yes or no?
  • Visual Novels, yes or no?
  • Anime art vs Western art (vs. stock model pics, edited or otherwise.)
  • 3D vs 2D
  • What is your turnoff size for fat? Obese? Planetary? Unlimited?
  • Is it okay if the player loses control, when it makes sense to? (Like in, say, CoC, there’s fights where if you lose, something permanent can be done to your character that you have to go through the trouble to cure/undo. In, say, Lilith’s Throne, if you lose and someone wants to forcefeed you a transformation potion, you can spit it out, but you’re still getting molested afterward.)
  • Science vs magic vs biological vs food-based weight gain.
  • Fast vs slow vs instant weight gain.

I have a part where it list a bunch of fetishes and they can be rated from love it to hate it (scale of 1-9).
I don’t think a separate question for should this be skippable/absolute turn off is necessary (a “hate it” rating kinda implies it), if you disagree let me know

list of kinks so far

weight gain
weight loss
Heavy breathing/poor cardio
Loss of health (minor)
Loss of health (major)
Belly Rubbing
Stuffing (is there a difference between stuffing and belly stuffing?)
Force Feeding
Bursting (from over eating/getting to fat)
Bursting (from inflation)
soft Vore (swallow whole)
hard Vore (involves blood shed, chewing and/or cutting)

hyper (hyper only refers to extremely large (in proportions) primary or secondary sex organs)
^could use a shorter explanation^
Breast Expansion
butt Expansion
thigh Expansion
dick Expansion
ball Expansion
pussy Expansion
male Pregnancy
male lactation
non-consent (should probably split into major/minor)
Symphorophilia (Witnessing or staging disasters such as car accidents) (I added this mostly for fun)

51 in total

I’m gonna add stretch marks, fat rolls (some and lots variants) and violent force-feeding to the list.
unless this list is a bit excessive. I can also add a write in option

when you mention gaining speed are you referring to steps between fat levels, in game universe gain speed or in playtime? I have one question about how big the steps are but not for the other two.
in game universe gain speed I would need some help with formulating the different speeds

3d vs 2d art is a bit vague. grain to gain is technically 2d (I think) or pre-rendered sprites could be used and guilty gear xrd uses 3d models but looks 2d.
if you are talking about gameplay I don’t think that is especially helpful. it gets a bit too specific and probably varies between genres
let me know if you disagree

“loss of control” is vague and needs scenarios I think. what the consequences are (and permanency) is also relevant. so I think that question can’t be adequately answered with a survey (unless I make a bunch of different combinations of scenarios and consequences)

I do have a question about realistic and stylized/anime which is basically how I see the
difference between western and anime art, let me know if you disagree

I don’t have a question specifically about rpg maker (I have one about the rpg genre)
I think that the reason some people have a negative view of rpg maker games (but not rpgs in general)
is because of the quality of the games. super fatty rpg and sneak feast are made in it but I don’t think people see them as rpg maker games
I have one about visual novels and text games though

I would like to add some questions about how much people are willing to pay for these kinds of games.
but I would like some good definition of scope and good examples of it
it would be like: how much are you willing to pay for a game of x scope (bottom level a fetish toy like this, top level the witcher 3).
where people would like to buy them and maybe also some about patreon and ko-fi

some questions about modding would probably also be interesting

btw just so everyone knows most questions are formulated as: “scenario x” give it a rating. rather than do you like x Y/N or which of these is your favorite

On WG difficulty I’d be interested to know how people feel about realism of the gain vs in-game time, as I’ve seen various approaches:

  • realistic (gain is what you might expect in real life - so very slow progress)
  • realistic-jump (gain is realistic, but time progression is say month by month, or chunked up “you return to college after the summer break, …” so far fewer turns to reach a given size)
  • beyond-realistic (gain is beyond what is realistic, but not as extreme as…)
  • cartoon-physics (the volume of what is eaten immediately adds to the character as fat)
  • instantaneous (a magical, scientific, or other process makes you gain instantaneously, though there may be several steps)

On lewdness I think you are probably going to have to go with categories with examples, which I think you mentioned elsewhere as a good approach. Off the top of my head:

  • none (leaving the player to fantasise about what might have been if they wish - most games)
  • flirty/tease (affection/tension can develop between characters, but nothing is ever described/shown)
  • fade-to-black (affection can build, and characters may strip, but then fades to black, but it’s not a necessary goal of the game - eg. Mass Effect)
  • soft (romancing/sex is a fairly necessary goal of the game, but the act is never shown - eg. The Sims, poss Crusader Kings)
  • hard (vivid descriptions/visualisations of the act itself, but they are not the main focus - eg. The Witcher)
  • focus (like hard, but game plot/reward is those scenes, that’s why your playing - eg. CoC).

Maybe that’s actually two questions; how lewd the description visualisation is, and how central it is to the game?

I’d also be curious to know myself where people stand on serious vs. humorous.

  1. Gaining speed as in, like, some people enjoy characters to gain weight at a realistic pace, and some people like it when there’s a feeding tube that fills them with super weight gain serum or something and they become Flesh Mountain in a few seconds.

  2. 2D vs 3D as in, say, 2D games like RPG Maker games, that WG platformer being developed here, Starbound modded. 3D games as in Kobold Kare, Slave Bar, or Yiffalicious 2. The question could also be expanded to 2D, 3D and text, I suppose. Anyway, the “3D pig disgusting” mindset exists, and some people outright avoid text games, so that’s why I suggested that as a question.

  3. Loss of control as a survey question can be boiled down to “Is it okay for a game to take control out of the player’s hands when necessary, like in a loss scene, or if you submit to someone? Yes/No/Depends”

  4. Yeah, RPG Maker can be used well, but most games made in it use the stock character images, stock combat with stock enemies, only have a minute’s worth of actually fetish-relevant content, and 99.99% of RPG Maker projects barely leave v0.03, stalling out for whatever reason. Personally I don’t like most RPG Maker games because of all those issues and because outside of a small handful, they all feel and play the exact same.

I’d also be curious to know when people started playing games, as I think there’s a nostalgic element to preferred formats (text, platformer, top-down, isometric, rpg, 3d etc) and franchises.

I think I will do weight gain speed as: character gains x weight under y time and pick the numbers based on what you can realistically gain. according to this if you eat 50% extra calories a day you would gain about 1.5 pounds (0.68kg) in a week or 78 pounds (35.38kg) a year. so it could say: characters can gain 100 pounds in one day (200x) or something. because if I go with food is x times more fattening it doesn’t account for how much someone can eat.
then have one for: character can gain x weight in y minutes of play time

I’m going to split it in lewdness and focus, it makes more sense that way

do you think I need to make a seriousness and humor based on story and weight gain separately?

I could add some general game preference stuff. I will put it in the end though so people not interested in answering these questions can easily skip them

didn’t know there was that kind of disliking of 3d. should I do just 2d, 3d, text or should I put in some common art styles (like pixel art)?

I think I will make a similar question for loss of control as for bad end (should probably call it something else) because they are kinda similar except one lets you continue playing after

I still think it’s not an especially good question to ask. the reason they look and feel the same isn’t rpg makers fault. it’s like blaming unity for the bad asset flips some people make. something like how important is it that the games looks/plays differently from other games or when is it to early to show your game would be more useful

speaking of bad ends, right now I have
How “bad ends” are handled. rate between 1-9

  • Main source of weight gain
  • Source of highest weight gain possible
  • Special lose condition (lose to a boss for example)
  • Clearly sigh posted
  • Not clearly sigh posted
  • Bad end viewers (gained from beating game)
  • Bad end viewers (gained from seeing bad end)
  • Bad end viewers (unlocked when close to a bad end)
  • Bad end viewers (unlocked by default)

anything you would like to add? I personal don’t really like bad ends so I’m not sure what to ask

From what you’ve posted so far, I think it looks about right.

However, I think in the fetish list having only

  • fat
  • weight gain
  • weight loss
  • and immobility
    is a bit to vague. I’d expand the fat and immobility to multiple levels, some pictures would make it easier.

ok I added chubby obese and morbidly obese (when I added fat I wasn’t thinking of different fat levels, but that it was mostly just a formality)

I do have these as reference pictures. as for what I think each size is

  • 2 as chubby
  • 4 as fat
  • 6 as obese
  • 10 as morbidly obese
  • 20 as blob

let me know if this make seance and if someone have better/more appropriate pictures

Well, I’m more into only a bit chubby, compared to what you’ve posted. For me, the biggest I’d describe as sexy would be something along the lines:


I know that I’m not the only one here, so I’d love to see how many people would be interested in that kind of games.
I’m actually writing something myself and I’d love to see that part of the community in the survey as well.

here is some pictures of how the survey looks right now
if you spot any spelling errors, come up with something that should be added anywhere or some other feedback let me know.
edit: the reference pictures are not implemented yet

This may just be a me thing, but personally I think ranking so many things on a scale of 1-9 is a bit too much. I feel like just a scale of 1-5 ranging from Hate, Dislike, Neutral, Like, and Love would suffice. There’s a number of questions with lots of parts to answer, and having such a wide margin in which to ranks things had me debating the minutia of giving something a 6 vs a 7. I think a smaller scale would make the whole process faster and give more concrete results, personally. But again, this may just be a me problem.


General notes

I’ve read through your questions. Here are my remarks:

  • overall quality is good
  • in 2 v1, the 7th question – I don’t quite understand it. If you’d elaborate on what you wanted to say, I’d love to help you find an alternative formulation.
  • in 3 v2, I don’t get wich is which: female/male and male/female, though it’s probably not a question for me, anyway.
  • also in 3 v2, the 5th question – I’d add “slighty chubby” for someone around 25-26 BMI
  • 4 1 v1 – There is a typo. “Favorit” → “Favorite” (I think)
  • 4 2 v1 – 10th question – I’d add “skinny shame”
  • 4 2 v1 – 14th question – I’d invert the axes, so that the same rating can be added to different body areas (like butt, boobs: 1; thigs: 2, …)

Side notes

I’ve found an image that would represent the smaller sizes quite accurately, at last in my opinion:
There could be two separate reference image sets for smaller and bigger size-lovers, since it’s likely to be impossible to find one-fits-all graphics for this particular situation.
I also believe it should be a separate question, not something suffeled into “fetishes” category.

Also, in the final results, it would also be nice to see how many people skipped a question, so that one can understand how important it is to the community as a whole.

I can see 1-9 being to much but 1-5 I believe is to few options. the difference in rating between something you absolutely love to something you like just a bit would be just be 1 or you would have to say that something you like a bit doesn’t do anything for you. I can lower it down to 1-7.

2 7th is basically how the gameplay pacing is but I didn’t want to use pacing because it isn’t an especially concrete word I think. I could add a definition but I wouldn’t know how to define it

I don’t know which question you mean when you say female/male and male/female. if it is the second question I think you miss read/typed because it doesn’t say female/male there.

4-2 14th I was afraid that people would only go with love on all but I can change it

as for reference pictures, I can add extra steps to the pictures I linked earlier because it is a 3D model with weight sliders. though it might not be ideal because of the thiccness of it. I could edit it but it’s a bit more work than I want to do…

I can make it so you rate the fatness levels, I mostly put it in fetishes because of the blob one

edit: also was it clear that I meant going out with someone behind someones back with the polygamous romance (only some know). looking back at it I think it isn’t