Survey: Game and fetish preferences

Take the survey here


the survey aims to collect information about what people here like and dislike. both in terms of fetish preferences and some game design decisions.

all questions are optional so if you are not sure what to answer you can skip it. you can also edit your answers after finishing the survey in case you change your mind.
if you want me to clarify any question let me know

hopefully we will get some interesting data from this and maybe some fun discussions as well


Look into this once I get off work.

Thanks for the streamlined survey format!

question 4-16 was changed so you can pick the same rating for multiple body parts. messed that up a bit, sorry about that

Pretty cool that anyone can look at the data as it comes in – I don’t plan to make any games or anything myself but I do enjoy me some good ol’ survey data~. I’m looking forward to checking back on it in the future to see what people answered!

Of course, I especially hope that the produced data proves to be very helpful towards your own game, along with anybody else who may need some community input on content!

I don’t think I am understanding the Hyper part of 3-6 (Page 3 question 6)

Thanks for this. The results are very interesting. I hope everyone on the site takes the survey.

Data overload. Someone please write a summary of the findings. Thanks in advance.

My takeaway: just like in politics, I’m mostly out on an island as an outlier. :cry:

First thing noticed by looking at the results, damn we have a lot of Albanians


That’s USA, its just that for some reason the reds look insanely similar.

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I’ll comment here as I go, since this survey is long.

Hoo boy, I had to reread the section 2-1 question again, since the like-dislike answers are flipped. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it go from love on the left to hate on the right.
Also there’s a blank question on the first page, like you were going to add another question there, but forgot to fill it out. (EDIT: come to think of it, is that supposed to be a comments field? No clue.)

Question 2-2 flipped the numbers? Now it’s good on the right, bad on the left, whew.

2-5 flipped it back again. Okay, now I’m double checking these as I go to make sure I’m not giving the opposite answers I’m looking for.
2-5 is also way overcomplicated of a question and it’s kinda irritating. Also 2-6 is a little too similar to 2-5.

I skipped a couple pages, TBH. One of the middle pages was a giant wall of 0-7 questions and I was like, “nope! nope nope nope!” and just shot right past them.

Overall, neat survey, too many questions, too much detail on too many of said questions.
My biggest complaint about the survey is that having 7 values to pick from on those answers is just goofy. They should AT MAX be five. We’re not in the videogame industry where the difference between a 7 and an 8 means whether or not someone gets to feed their kids that month.

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I know the feeling. Forget “out to left field,” with some of these questions and answers, it’s clear I’m playing a different sport.

I’m totally going to wait a few days or so, then make my own attempt at a survey. This one is far too long, has too many questions and too many teeny little subsections that looking at the data in the results is just irritating and unmanageable.
Also I don’t envy OP fixing typos, since Google Forms saves the fixed and original answers separately, so with every typo fixed or every question reworded, there’ll be a brand new duplicate entry in the results page to make things messier.

ridiculously large breasts, butt, thighs or genitals in comparison to the rest of the body basically. if it’s still unclear give some details as to what is confusing

I found it annoying that there were some surveys done in the past but I couldn’t find the results. it’s also practical since I wont have to give updates on the results if there are new responses in like a year or something.

you should probably just look at parts of the results at a time. otherwise you’ll probably be overwhelmed

that’s totally fine better to get the results of just a single question than none at all. I personally always found that a 1-5 is too few to give adequate answers.

it’s dumb that they don’t let you do that so I’m just gonna leave the typos and hope that people ask me to clarify things if necessary.

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nope thats good thanks

That was a nice survey to check out and cool to see how the others feel about one thing we all enjoy.

Agreed! I guess as long as results are provided at some point then I’m usually satisfied, but having them shown like this definitely seems like less work for you and much more helpful for those seeking to see how answer trends develop as more people participate!

Speaking of the answers themselves, I find it intriguing that apparently the first set of demographic-based questions were…“confusing” for several people? I’m kind of baffled as to why they would be difficult to answer (barring being unfamilar with English) but I’m not sure how they could be made any more clear other than just being reduced to, like, one word.

There’s also…this in the first elaborate section:

What age: Younger

so uh, guess there’s someone on the site that’s not actually supposed to be here (unless someone is being a lil’ memester uwu) – but hey, all the more reason why surveys are always so fascinating, you really never know what kind of answers you might get, for better or worse!

…Also, shout-out to the gamer who answered in the last section “I love video game” – truly a person after my own heart~. :pray:


well it took me a bit but I finished the survey

WeightGaming police (devs): FBI (Fat Bureau of Investigations) here. May I see your ID, please?

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Cheese it! It’s the Fuzz!