giffany the fat

for those who know giffany of gravity falls, I have an idea … but let’s say that we do not make games … I can not pay or that they pay me for anything in the world … technically only a useless spectator … but! I had the idea of ​​made a game extremely similar to giffany, you know a dating simulator where you pick giffany and feed her, you talk a little with her, she changes skin little by little while she gets fat and can change her personality and where you will be reissued more fat or etc … technically a giffany which fits your tastes on fedeerism … I have ideas to spare … but scarce unclean means and ways to make my big idea … reality … If someone could help me make this dream my reality … tell me … please … they would be doing me a favor and I promise that if I can do and work on this project, I will do it as quickly as possible and they should not pay anything … since I do not admit money or give money so … I just hope to start and put this project afloat … I hope support or someone to help me … I have no way to start this idea … someone can help me digalo! … bye … I feel that my idea will die … but … you ngo hope that someone will help me without charge, … or so I hope and forgive me the bad english mio , hehe hopefully I understood


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