Gingerbread House

Hey everybody, there have been so many go games on here recently I decided to make one of my own. So here is the V 0.1.

There are a lot of weight gain games but not a lot of feederism games. So I went with a classic, Hansel and Gretel. You are Hansel, you and your sister Gretel have been captured by a witch. The witch has locked gretel in a cage to be fattened up. You are tasked with fattening her up. The witch has given you freedom to explore the house and the forest surrounding the house to find and collect stuff to plump her up.

The game is fairly unfinished and simple. I am still learning who to build the game so sorry if it is kinda rough. Suggestions are welcome and any advise on creating and refining the game would be awesome. If it is possible to choose starting character so one could play as gretel would be great, if not I will just make a gretel version.

You have an interesting start here and a solid concept; I’d work on more descriptions, of characters, feeding, etc, then work on expanding the game. Also, is there another ending besides the bee hive? Couldn’t figure out anything but getting more cake from the witch and giving it to Gretel

Sadly that is it for the moment. I am still trying to figure out how to link events.

All I’ve figured out how to do is give her the cake. Any hints?

This is very simple, and while I like the setup, it’s extremely light with the content. Furthermore, speaking to the witch causes more cake to appear in your inventory every single time, and… That seems to be it?

If you want help with the engine, send me a message and I’ll look your code over and maybe figure out what it is you’re stuck on.