"Gluttonous" - solo card game about weight gain and all things related

It’s been a long time since I had the idea to make my own minimalistic and simple RPG for the game, in which the above-mentioned topic would be raised. Well, here it is! It consists of five small pages, you can easily play with both real cards and digital ones. This is my first project like this, so your feedback and experience would be much appreciated! Shoutout to Jentera for inspiring that little thing :ghost:

You can download it here!


There’s not really much of a game… the “special cards” don’t really affect anything, and there are no win conditions or anything to mark when to stop playing. I feel like you have a good concept, but there’s just nothing of substance to work with here


First of all, thank you very much for your feedback! Perhaps I incorrectly pointed out the essence of the game, although for the most part I didn’t even specified it, but in fact the end will be when the player gets bored or they will be satisfied with the results. In the end, this is not a game with a plot, the plot is invented by the player themselves. I just gave a tool for interpretation to those who like something like this. As for the rest, how exactly would you like to see being improved what is there? In particular, I’m interested in special cards

I’m fine with open-ended, but this is the part I find most lacking. You’ve clearly put thought into your resolution mechanic, but in a solo ttrpg, prompts/oracles are super important to give the game direction and flavor. I would look to (non-kink) games like Alone Among the Stars, Anomaly, Ironsworn, and The Quiet Year for ideas on how to add and structure prompts for your player